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sunday 17/07/2011

Personally i would change Sayura or Rei to Xia Leming for a bit of damage reduction.

Well since you don't use any Support cards, Kusuri/Pegh would be good for 2*s, 3*s Lola can do the job too.

Deffinately replace hattori, he is fighting it out for third best 5* in fpc with kuei and both are way behind kerozinn cr and tsubame .smiley

saturday 16/07/2011

Just bought this sakrohm deck:

stella - petra - nimestiec - na boh - murray - jautya - corrina - wakai

any suggestions of changes are welcome smiley

Simple, pill wisely & if that's too vague then try this, include some power manip and/ or atack manip cards in ur deck for example belgolsi would do great against a sledg and aurora and a dagg ( has the 1 less star advantage, so does belgosi ) & if u lose with dagg well then u have pills to get back. Also, if possible include an soa/sob card and 1-2 Dr's. lehane is a killer and so is elvis & cards like c wing & lola well... need i say more? redra, ulrich, arno, jeena makes great dr's & pill manip cards such as tsubame or corvus are excellent is almost impossible to input all these different types of cards with different focuses & still maintain a well-balanced & sturdy deck so my advice to you... ask around a bit more, choose the cards you need ( not want ), remember every week cards & decks are altered in elo so u might wanna wait a bit maybe til monday to purchase any cards. Gud luck

Thanks for the suggestion, although I'd still use Scopica because of her solid-ness and the fact that I already have 5 attack manipulators in my deck.

friday 15/07/2011

If you can aford it i would personally change Beetenka to Oxen, Glenn to Jackie Cr/Maurice and Kreenk Ld to Fixit/Willy/Bodenpower.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, Tehn you only copy the "preset=1943820" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. Personally i would change Jiro to Dreen, Revok to Taylor and Beef to Elvis.

If you don't want to change Jiro to Dreen and Revok to Taylor or it dosn't work for you just change Beef to Elvis

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name, Like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=1944450" and change the = to :

Nice deck personally i would change Dean to Victoria for a bit of Anti stop opp:ability.

thursday 14/07/2011

Any changes to improve it?

Yeah I aggree with Waster but in the right hands Ulu can get 1300 which is all you really need to get money and credits to buy packs to afford better cards like Numar and eventually different clans. Then you should start to expand but at the moment just get familiar with Ulu Watu and you should be able to see good results, when you want to aim for say 1400 I would definitly go Half deck.

wednesday 13/07/2011

I'd be keeping Nah Boh in, if you're playing a poison deck you want to make sure you get enough time for the poison to do it's work, and DRs are a great way of assuring that. If you really want to replace Harleen, you could go for Magda, the mini-Olga, other than that options are limited.

I would carry on using pengh because a bit of damage reduction is allways helpful.

I agree with LoA Fine, however if you play unpredictably you can get a few wins, it also helps if you play with dual clans as once you get that poison out their bonus isn't useful anymore. I'd suggest using Pussycats or Jungo alongside a Freaks half deck consisting of Olga, Bogdan, Esmeralda and either Pyro or Magda, this will give you a small 11 star half deck where you may use a nice variety of higher starred cards from another clan.

Ongh and askai are both really good cards when used correctly. Ongh works best with attack manip cards or vortex that allow you to save pills for the final round.

tuesday 12/07/2011

Swap to a stop opp bonus deck, piranas are probally the best at the moment but nightmare could work.

I think the first one is better, especially if you're trying to absorb hits and force a couple pills to ensure guys like Dallas and Randy are going to be able to get through. You want multiple DRs for that so stick with Neloe and Marina and let your heavy hitters do the work.

For Ahkab's ability to work you must lose, I like my 5* to do damage, not be there to absorb it.

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