sunday 03/07/2011

Yet i lost.... and soa on both so just simple power is all

saturday 02/07/2011

Did I complain? No I didn't I made a counter that works 4 me.

friday 01/07/2011

It's alright for changes smiley

Larry to steve in your deck larry is horribly unstable (just for one example i know its only 1 card but vs alexei hes a 1/3 max pills he will have 25 attack...)

thursday 30/06/2011

Don't use Rescue, There in Danger of bans every week cards like Lea Anita Krash Elvira and Sledg. They are the main cards in there and also Kerry has been banned so don't do it. I made a pirahnas/Junkz deck (Dual) with Taham Qubik Veenyle and Tremorh with Tula Tyd Ulrich and Ector. Many may prefer Dreen Peeler Fuzz Gibson over these cards. are some suggestions of decks you can make changes as you wish smiley some may try to use Pirahnas 4's and 5's and Junkz 3's and 2's but this is just my prefered style smiley

wednesday 29/06/2011

Ok, so I've made some changes... better? What are your thoughts? smiley

Scopica to Rodney, Jessica to Chiara and Liam to redra.

P.s if you want to make a deck link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1923648" and change the = to :

tuesday 28/06/2011

Nice deck i would't change anything this week.

If GHEIST gets a lot of banns next week think about changing Nakata to Xia Leming for a bit more DR and Karen to kang.

Oops its been deleted. smiley

Personally i would use Hawkins Noel due to his 7 power but its up to you.

The7one: Nice deck personally i would change Edwin to Sargh.

p.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1923220" and change the = to :

TheUnholyOrc: Nice deck when you can afford him use Praxie instead of clay.

Nice deck personally i would change Scopica to Radek.

@Project yeah I know, I just posted that streak because its rare I get 11 in a row. 1200 is easy.

Coleridge is okay, the extra damage over Raeth really helps, but yeah, SoA is a weakness, especially if you draw a hand of Scubb Coleridge Tula + Ulrich/Tajion/Ector (Ability dependent cards). You have 2/3 support cards, you have to decide which card you want to give up to SoA. You're screwed if you meet more than one SoA (Wendel+Qubik, etc.)

monday 27/06/2011

I used to splash Chiara and Redra into Pussycats before they had Cherry and Ivana.

This week there are no banned GHEIST so there will be a lot of stop opp: ability decks and against stop opp: ability Laura is more stable.

Nice deck all i would do is change Dolly to Leviatonn because hes currently unbanned.

sunday 26/06/2011

Yeah, I already did that... It's temporary. I also have Buck instead of Numar and Jeto instead of Arno. It's working pretty well for now, but I intend to raise clintz to get them all smiley

CrazyOldDog: Hawkins is better then Spycee.

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