wednesday 22/06/2011

Agreed berzerk does need dr and im sure they will get onesmiley

I hear you, but the uppers clan isnt lacking support. Uppers will be a strong clan in ELO as long as Dorian remains unbanned. Add Zatman to the mix and yes, you will have a very, very OP clan, mono or half. dorian + zatman in one hand and any SOA/SOB will be looking fast at that forfeit button.

Out of my last 50 rounds I lost 26 of them by one pill, 11 by two pills and I won 6 by one pill. How does it always happen more often than not I lose by one pill? And how do I prevent it?

tuesday 21/06/2011

Tank's power is too low so I would change her to Jane Ramba or Nahomi
winston to Thormund

There's a lot of different choices. If you're more of a defensive player, try a Roots half with it. Something like Yookie, Arno, Jeena and Rosen. That leaves you with a star to play around with for either half. Maybe up Mawpin or phyllis to Edwin to make it 25 stars.

monday 20/06/2011

To get ELO points you have to win fights. You get more points for beating players with a higher ELO score then you but you can't controll who you fight because you have to quick battle.

Thx for all the commentssmiley

Nice deck personally i would change Dalhia to Selma.

P.s you were nearly there with the link but you need to change to = to :

Nice deck all i would do is change Wheeler to Taljion.

Please Feel Free to Rate Death Delivery smiley

Comments and Suggestion are very much appreciated.
I would love to exchange ideas. smiley

Thanks for the info. Time to invest in some cards.

sunday 19/06/2011

Its a good time to be Piranas since close to none of their cards are ban except smokey. smiley

Nice deck, you could try changing Ector to hawkins and Raeth to selma.

Why don't you go freaks jungo but do it like this

Freaks: Bogdan, Grudj, Olga, Esmeralda
jungo : askai scopica mindy pegh ? when they are available ofc smiley

and yeah eggman is a bad card niva is by far a better alternative for a 4 star slot in jungo smiley

and ofc gheist deck is killer 2 smiley it all depends on your preference and ability to play clans XD

saturday 18/06/2011

Personally i would change Raeth -> Selma and taljion -> Ulrich.

Interesting deck all i can think of is Chwing/Cley to Chiara.

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1909988" and change the = to :

I agree with iSuicide. Every clan has its uses. It's all just personal preference.

Wardom + Bristone really brings up great opportunities in a deck, be it for nukes or for mindgames.

I don't really play GHEIST but I end up getting faceraped all the time by them. Good luck, hope to see you rise to the top.

friday 17/06/2011

A bit top-heavy, but it looks okay to me. If you have Bonnie Ld, you could put her in place of Dante or Spycee. Also, your deck needs more puppies. Puppies are soo cuuute smiley

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