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tuesday 05/07/2011

Nice deck all i would do is change Negodz for Cyb Lhia

P.s to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1932495" and change the = to :

To make it stronger against stop opp ability i could change Dean to Victoria and Trish to Laura.

Its not that bad. There are a few changes i would make personally though.

1) Change Mawpin to Phyllis, her power is more stable and her damage can't be decresed by a damage reducer.

2) change Scopica to Rodney, his +10 attack can be really helpfull.

Tomas, Greem, Chiara, Praxie, Sandro, Cley/Danae/Zeke, Sasha, Redra

Generally with Skeelz you only want to use 2 2* cards cause the rest pred much suck so id stick to this sort of spread
Or you could replace Tomas with Aylen/ Logan but Tomas is invaluable vs Rescue/ Montana/ All Stars which are always in ELO.
He may not be as great against SOB/SOA but id rather take the protection vs attk/power manip then decent against SOB/SOA. The rest of the skeelz are really good against them anyway!

If Greem is banned id use Jay, ppl hate him but he is a great bluff/nuke card. Or if u dont want him use Belgosi hes OK for a 4*

monday 04/07/2011

Freaks are fine. High power, high damage due to poison. Also, lots of baiting potential in half decks. They don't really need anything.. A substitute for Olga would be nice, but that would make Freaks overpowered on Olga free weeks.

Nice deck but Askai is banned this week so change her to Ongh (if you have him) or Adler.

Nice deck. You could try changing Manfred to Jay but thats up to the in indaviduel player.

Personally i would change Azel to Azgroth and Mawpin to Phyllis but its up to you.

The opening move is usually the most important part of a match. You need to practice being able to predict how your opponent will react to what you do.

sunday 03/07/2011

Deck i'm thinkin of making happy for changes smiley
Marina Robb Cr Karen and Jessie (Marina may be a lil off budget as I recently bought a deck and same with Robb Cr.) (Robb Cr for Randy and Marina for Alexei or Spudd are cheap changes (Alexei or Spudd?)
Qubik Gibson Tremorh and Dreen (Veenyle while I can't get Marina)

Nice deck. Personally i would change Dean to Victoria.

Yet i lost.... and soa on both so just simple power is all

saturday 02/07/2011

Did I complain? No I didn't I made a counter that works 4 me.

friday 01/07/2011

It's alright for changes smiley

Larry to steve in your deck larry is horribly unstable (just for one example i know its only 1 card but vs alexei hes a 1/3 max pills he will have 25 attack...)

thursday 30/06/2011

Don't use Rescue, There in Danger of bans every week cards like Lea Anita Krash Elvira and Sledg. They are the main cards in there and also Kerry has been banned so don't do it. I made a pirahnas/Junkz deck (Dual) with Taham Qubik Veenyle and Tremorh with Tula Tyd Ulrich and Ector. Many may prefer Dreen Peeler Fuzz Gibson over these cards.
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1926018 are some suggestions of decks you can make changes as you wish smiley some may try to use Pirahnas 4's and 5's and Junkz 3's and 2's but this is just my prefered style smiley

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