sunday 19/06/2011

Why don't you go freaks jungo but do it like this

Freaks: Bogdan, Grudj, Olga, Esmeralda
jungo : askai scopica mindy pegh ? when they are available ofc smiley

and yeah eggman is a bad card niva is by far a better alternative for a 4 star slot in jungo smiley

and ofc gheist deck is killer 2 smiley it all depends on your preference and ability to play clans XD

saturday 18/06/2011

Personally i would change Raeth -> Selma and taljion -> Ulrich.

Interesting deck all i can think of is Chwing/Cley to Chiara.

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1909988" and change the = to :

I agree with iSuicide. Every clan has its uses. It's all just personal preference.

Wardom + Bristone really brings up great opportunities in a deck, be it for nukes or for mindgames.

I don't really play GHEIST but I end up getting faceraped all the time by them. Good luck, hope to see you rise to the top.

friday 17/06/2011

A bit top-heavy, but it looks okay to me. If you have Bonnie Ld, you could put her in place of Dante or Spycee. Also, your deck needs more puppies. Puppies are soo cuuute smiley

Cant make up my mind need help getting back my mojo any suggestions yet another random idea deleted

thursday 16/06/2011

It is on the urban rivals newsletter.; The main way to get it is to change your account details so you get it by email. (click on your name and then click on the change your account preferance link to acces your options). Or if you don't want the email you can click on the get these characters link on the new characters newspage to go to this page:

The main place its published is on the urban rivals Email newsletter (Go to your preferances to select if you want to get it). Or if you don't want to get the email you can click on the Get these characters link on the new characters newspost which takes you here

UM_the_maven: Nice Deck.

Interesting deck could do well.

Well to make some kind of an updated deck from above reached 1300 with no larger problems and im hoping for more.
And now for some kind of review:
Soushee is realy good while Esmeralda is the woman that can get you poison trugh easier but realy good bluff when you REALY whant to posion somone and lets not forget -3dmg is allot even with min 3.

Nahema beatsh ongh becous of all sob deck's and 2 dmg with 3 dmg reducers made a difference more then once.

As well for our star named Wolfgang with a decant draw he wins the round on a turn 2 aww started exsplaining why but noticed a chunk of tex that didin't give allot of sanse but let say that I bough 20 copies yust in case other ppl notice his potential.

Biggest problem are soa decks but they are beateble you yust need to get a bit sneky =)

wednesday 15/06/2011

His damage is too low to make an impact as a splasher. He's much more effective in his own environment,trust mesmiley

tuesday 14/06/2011

2 messages

Thanks smiley

Thanks guys.

Any more suggestions?

Berserk are great they almost got me to 1200, but I didn't play enough to find out.... Revok is actually a good card to bluff with I don't know why his price is down....Beef isn't that bad. It is basically like taking an Orlok attack it isn't painful unless your opponent has a super high damaged card.

Radek is only better than Rodney when you use more than 1+4 pillz
2 power*5 pillz=10 attacksmiley

monday 13/06/2011

Thanks for trying i bought the cards in both of these tried them and then jumbled them up and tried that nothing worked i won 2 out of alot of matches i will start using bangers now and if anyone has any good secrets for bangers i am willing to listen

Bloodh's good too, but he doesn't synergize as well with the other Piranas with his lack of Pill manip. +Pills with Selma, then use those pills to take their pills down using Hawkins. Or win with Selma, lose with Bonnie Ld to get 4 pills back.

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