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saturday 25/06/2011

Ok deck personally i would change Boris to Olga, Rhyno to Grudj and Feelyn to cherry.

Change Radek to Rodney. it make opponent waster the pill...

friday 24/06/2011

Thx I like the aggressive / defensive mix opens up a lot of pill fights

Personally i would change trish to Laura.

Yeah, I had Cats in mind when I made the deck.

Thanks, I'll try a few games with Edwin/Rodney, see how it goes.

Lol yeah i feel that i dont like taking out of clan

Tsubame is better with ability imo

thursday 23/06/2011

Nice deck all i would do is change Karen to Kang but this is a personally choice.

Scott Ld*, Aurora, Elvira, Steve, Anita, Lea, Mark, Wesley is a good Rescue ELO deck using the new banns.

*If you don't have scott Ld try using Suzie.

Nice deck all i would do is to change Kinjo to Tsubame because Kinjo can no longer 1 hit ko due to the life increase in ELO and 6 power is not that helpfull on a 5* card.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the preset=1917464 and change the = to :

Thats ok.

Cool, thanks

wednesday 22/06/2011

I like it although i like jonas for wendel/bianca/gail ld

You forgot to post the deck but i found it: deleted

Personally i would change Lovhak to Dagg.

You could try changing Muze to cherry but appart from that it looks powerfull.

Nice deck personally i would change El Gringo to Harrow Ld and Massiv to loccio if you have them.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the preset=1914820 and chage the = to :

The deck is fine due to the current banns but if he gets unbanned change Dolly to levetion.

Best deck money can buy is the deck you're comfortable too. Just like me i use my la junta in elo and get 1100 but when i use my montana i get 1300.

Agreed berzerk does need dr and im sure they will get onesmiley

I hear you, but the uppers clan isnt lacking support. Uppers will be a strong clan in ELO as long as Dorian remains unbanned. Add Zatman to the mix and yes, you will have a very, very OP clan, mono or half. dorian + zatman in one hand and any SOA/SOB will be looking fast at that forfeit button.

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