monday 13/06/2011

@Fapfap yeah Piranas works fine against most clans, they do have some problems with clans that are more ability dependent than bonus dependent (Freaks, Jungo, Junta, Berserk maybe (haven't seen too many of those, Skeelz is painful with a pirana deck, but you hardly see them anymore), but you almost always see more attack manip. play than those clans, so on the whole you're okay.

Piranas and their pill manip requires you to usually win 3 out of 4 rounds unless you have Bonnie LD or Ulrich, so any clan that can also win 3/4 rounds will give you trouble such as Freaks. Piranas just can't hit hard enough to seal the deal on round 1 or 2 unless you pull off a 4*-5* combo like Scubb-Selma

sunday 12/06/2011

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1903137" and change the = to :

I just comment and rate them both.

saturday 11/06/2011

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Love how good cards r banned in rescue and unfair cards r banned in every other clan


- pussycats could do well. most of the clans that were good befor bans are just as good the only clan changed is Sakrohm (and maby junkz)
- Kerry lol.
- Mostly the same cards as befor will be banned (wanda and charlie might get banned by the players.
- Sledge and Ghumbo most likely. Charlie might be re banned.
- same cards as before.

Well kenny pan phyllis and nerfeniti are all life gap cards so it makes sence to include azel in your deck. poison + life gain + damage reduction works really well together, if you are determined to play mono then i would suggest using spiaghi as a splash to add more damage reduction.

Who said 2 hko's are out now that the rules are 14 life smiley nice preset smiley

friday 10/06/2011

If you have money, wurmlol to zero dead and darth to elke and then dieter to gloghsmiley


Hmm Azgaroth seems pretty good, but his 4 damage for a 4 star is kind of a turn off to me. But being a defensive card, i guess its a given. But i guess i could try him out and see what the outcomes will look like. But thanks. smiley

deleted seems the best of the two decks.

The deck you want is corvus vs manfred per l'elo a little over 20k so saves you a shed load of clintz, never picks up any bans which goes with your consistency plan, easy to reach 1200 with. smiley

E muito feio e fraco

thursday 09/06/2011

Well done.

*UM_AaaBattery... thx i will try that one
*XC are you telling me that i can't play mono bangers anymore so any dual deck ideas?

So I've been doing fairly okay for my first foray into ELO (made it to 1225 yesterday on my first try) and steadily dropping to 1150, but I'm content with it.

My deck right now is a mono La Junta composed of:

Bryan, Chiro, Isatis, Gatline, Laura, Thormund, Dean and Winston

As for the new deck I'm planning on building, I'd prefer a Jungo half deck since I drew Eggman in a pack. Thanks in advance for your help!

Good deck should do well.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1898209" and change the = to :

Try changing Russel to kenny.

wednesday 08/06/2011

Posion and + life cards work well with damage reducers.

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