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tuesday 15/12/2015

Consider leela instead of the Jane.

saturday 12/12/2015

But she is much better than chan

monday 07/12/2015

Basically they ban it for some continuos weeks and as a result price will go down.. then they buy up a lot..unban it one week ..price increases.. wait for right moment and sell them all.. that's what it is

C Dusk is a useless card.. Xodus can save you more... He is a very good courage card..

Daggons or Xodus is very conditional.

If your other half is an attack clan play Xodus over Dagg Cr. Or If you have a KO type deck then also Xodus is better.. eg:Uppers /AS /Bangers /Gheist

If the 2nd clan is ulu/Jungo/Roots/Sakhrohm/NM then Dagg Cr is better smiley

saturday 05/12/2015

Hey you know what, I totally agree with you that Barbacoatl is extremely useful! I scored over 1500 ELO one week and he was in my deck smiley he makes a great opener card because he's essentially an unblockable 8/7-12 with SOB first round with courage. And really solid stats against SOA. Use him with wonald, arturo, matriochka/ then wee Lee, dave, mango, chel

saturday 28/11/2015

The Sixers breaking all the wrong records hahaha

friday 27/11/2015

Hears the updated version much better


Walker is probably my favorite LA junta card atm. Now while raven is a better choice for mono, would walker work for half decks with LA junta or dt? I know this is the elo thread but making a second thread would be annoying imo.

wednesday 25/11/2015

Heck I say let bonnie LD out I never feared her I just took the 2 damage.
UR should do a field test let bonnie ld out an ban the other guy in the replacement an see how good or bad it is for one month.

all way's thought Bonnie was weaker then the Parmabarb.

lets see bonnie ld some one plays 0 pil an you play a waker card you lose take 2 damage.
Parmabarb. you 0 pill hit them an lose 2 pill also seems to me

Parmabarb seem stronger an better then bonnie LD

tuesday 24/11/2015

I agree with Ulu Watu. Ulu Watu is Love, Ulu Watu is life.

Dave, Eugene, Gabrielle, Wee Lee, Nanook, Chel, Lulabee, Miss Lulabee, Numar, Oraya, Serena, and Shaun are all viable cards. I might've missed some, but you get the gist.

saturday 21/11/2015

I think a DR uppers half might go well with Freaks this week. It's a pretty good week for Freaks... I've seen other people using them, and as for myself I'm using them and am sitting at about 1350.

friday 20/11/2015

Thank you.

I don't really understand what you mean F3nr1r_TpU

Bomb monkey I understand that you highly advice to add DR/soa/sob which are 'loosing cards' to soften a round that you intentionnaly give up to your opponent.

thursday 12/11/2015

No, Sukareto must not be flushed !!!
For once in a while the Nightmare clan has risen out of Mediocrity .
Frankly, I think she is . . . well, ONLY broken when Oshitsune is free to tag team with her.
Otherwise, she's the only reliable 4* to replace Oshitsune when he is in Naughty Card Jail . smiley

tuesday 10/11/2015

You've also never been able to use striker and striker rb in the same deck...

monday 09/11/2015

PC are currently a weak clan, so Yayoi Cr doesn't seem strong. She is certainly not with banning with the current state of PC.

A card I would like to see banned from time to time would be Yookie. I find him far more annoying than Curlix tbh.

friday 06/11/2015

Why has this descended into an argument largely unrelated to the intention of the person who started the thread? The existence/non-existence of luck has no bearing on IamLana's question/ Why not answer the question instead?
A fine Pussycats half is Nabrissa, Mina, Yayoi Cr and then your choice of Roxie/Jayzel/Malicia depending on size of the half
Bangers: Blaaster Cr and Tasty Tast are the only cards I'd call must haves. The viable 2*s are Pearl/Graff/Doug Snop, after Tasty Tast next best 3* is Randal, and viable 4*s are Vermyn N/Chlora/Shogunn
Sakrohm: Murray is probably staple unless SOA is a big problem as well as Oxo. Viable 4*s, Petra/Lear Barduh.

Maurice kazayan josephine oxen sean rubie wendel spiaghi/saltsbeg
mono sentinel
mono rescue
and sakrohm/junkz have very strong halfs
lear murray ngrath oxo
qubik tremorh funk/romana flanagan

thursday 05/11/2015

Look for common bans that aren't banned this week and work from there if you want to actually put a effort in actually getting to the top.

Look at popular decks from the clan and either copy or build based on preference.

I usually make what I like so I wouldn't really know. But I would prob do the following if I wanted to tryhard.

I like them for the reason ghelas gives. I hope never again to suffer 12 minute victories

tuesday 03/11/2015

I learned a bit from this though I generally vote to ban regardless.

I want to mention that people are more likely to vote for what at the top as it is the first thing to appear and generally are more likely to vote for what has a chance at being banned verse something that has no chance.

Source: My ass.

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