wednesday 18/05/2011

Or this one deleted

So that we can do this smiley

See this

Should tell you how to actually play, or you could just click 'play' and figure it out.

tuesday 17/05/2011

How to play ?

Gaping Hole.

Criticize and rate please. All constructive comments are appreciated smiley

And then put Mawpin in for Eadh? Because i will need the damage, no?

monday 16/05/2011

I would like to correct one thing I said:

Phyllis > Edwin instead of Pan

Pan is much better, being the more stable of the two. You'll realize this once you draw Edwin and 3 Roots.

sunday 15/05/2011

Operation "get this deck to 1700 ELO legit", commence!

I'd also add that thanks to Rescue being a mono clan, in ELO they're especially vulnerable to bans. If Elvira goes they're screwed for a source of defensive SoA as Cliff is only useful as an offensive SOA thanks to the revenge clause. If Kerry or Sledg go they're torn apart by SoB. If Lea goes their line up falls apart hard. SoA regularly shuts down their Life gain/DR focus. And even if all that isn't banned All Stars and Bangers easily out power and out damage you, absorbing your attacks with good DR cards and stopping your abilities with SoA.

I make 1300+ in elo...and i battle now.Rate green&comment.

That is a decent budget deck but if u can afford yayoi get her then move egg man up to a jungo 5 star because u have the heal with cherry

saturday 14/05/2011

I have another idea about mono Pussycats deck.
With low pillz use, make opponent poisoned or heal yourself, then charge with Selina ;P
But Ditha 's missing hurts badly :

Oh ok thanks for the clarification guys smiley

Your welcome, I hope that it helps.

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With your deck you should have no trouble

Just threw this together yesterday to start playing ELO this week. It's play testing pretty well so far. Any suggestions to make it stronger? Thanks.

friday 13/05/2011

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