wednesday 25/05/2011

tuesday 24/05/2011

It must suite you playing style to reach 1300 easaly so i wouldn't change it.

p.s if you want to post a link which is just the name of the deck you copy only the preset=1878403 and change the = to a :

Interesting deck.

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the name of the deck you copy only the "preset=1874605" and change the = to a :

Nice deck.. It will probally change a bit each time new berzerk cards come out though.

Its a good deck and you should use it if it works for you but i would change c blade to Sunder but thats just me.

p.s if you want to post just the deck name as the link you copy just the "preset=1879396" and you change the = to a :

If possible i would change cyan to Scubb and andsom to hawkins.

p.s if you want to post just the deck name as the link you only copy the "preset=1880464" and change the = to a :

Since you have all the piranas, yes they're a good clan to get to 1300..

Or click game rules
game mode: elo has been there since i started playing the game =) u were showed it as one of normal pages when you started game also =P

Yeah its all about the people who play elo want to stay in each week

monday 23/05/2011

Problem with Esther is she isnt seen as a huge threat so ppl wont overpill on her, so ull most likely get their 2* thrown at u eg: Sasha/ Arkn/ Samantha etc
This means that if u overpilled u will hav wasted ur pillz gettin in a 'small bleeding dmg' or if u underpilled u will most likely get beaten by a 1-2 pilled 2*
In the unlikely scenario they randomly throw out 6 pillz at u im guessin it was with a high damage card and now u will be sufferin anyway
And that my friend is why Esther sucks balls

sunday 22/05/2011

Jane Ramba Naginata Trish Wardog Bloodh Hawkins Tula and Ulrich
is this deck good enough for 1500 score?

Ya i forgot the colon

Okay ! Thanks _-7-_- and Puddin Tame ! smiley

saturday 21/05/2011

I see you are a fan of Sin.

No thanks for the help!
i actually have Robb Cr but unfortunately he is banned smiley

I usually use half an hour checking banning list and preparing my deck, then 2-3 hours to reach my goal say 1300 or 1200 every week.

friday 20/05/2011

Intergalactic Lesson

ALlstars givingur skeelz a trouble?
Gheist smashing through your sakrohm?

Why not use them together, kill two birds with one stone!!!!!!
This deck balances anti-SOA and anti-Power manip/ attk manip to dominate in ELO

Easily reach 1300 ELO!!! dont believe Ive reached that? check my profile smiley

Interesting. this deck has best of the 2 clans your using. you have the sheer fighting stregth of the montana, and the high damage and SOA of ghiest.

thursday 19/05/2011

I agree with Magus Medivh. If you lose 2 in a row, rest. But if you keep on winning, just continue smiley

Late Sunday. EST

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