saturday 14/05/2011

I have another idea about mono Pussycats deck.
With low pillz use, make opponent poisoned or heal yourself, then charge with Selina ;P
But Ditha 's missing hurts badly :

Oh ok thanks for the clarification guys smiley

Your welcome, I hope that it helps.

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With your deck you should have no trouble

Just threw this together yesterday to start playing ELO this week. It's play testing pretty well so far. Any suggestions to make it stronger? Thanks.

friday 13/05/2011


what u think

I haven't made 1300 in the new elo mode yet. I think the problem is cards with 4 damage which just isn't enough. The game is coming down to when your opponent is going to fury now or when do you have to fury for victory. If for instance you draw a hand with too 2 star cards with 2 damage apiece and two three star cards with 4 damage apiece you know have a hand which totals 12 damage. New elo is 14 life now you don't possibly stand a chance of winning the battle. If your opponent has at least one 4 star card with 6 damage he has just accounted for letting 2 of my cards through no problem for at most 8damage(my 2 three stars) so he can now fury and cancel that difference. My point is this in old elo 2 cards with 4 damage was enough to fury and KO your opponent now in the given scenario it would take 3 victories with two cards furied for a total use of 6 six pills thats just for furying now if fights started with 14 pillz this would be no problem because then you would have 8 pillz remaing which is more than enough to put up a decent fight. I think new elo should start with 14 pillz instead of 12 to make things fair

OFC not in this week smiley
Yes, I'll take Oyoh.
Ty smiley


I really love these decks. The strategy is just twisted and awesome. Start off with C Wing/Cyb Lhia/Sunder to drain your opponent's life a little. Then you can stall with Neloe a little if you need to. Then put all your pillz on furied Dregn and go for the kill... and if your opponent wasted all their pillz beating Dregn, send in the now revenge-activated Jay for the kill.

The first deck is slightly better, but the second is a budget version (i.e. C Beast instead of Dregn).
Jay just seems to work so well with the Vortex. He's perfect. Rate Up!

Last week i reached 1300+ with my own creation.
This week i struggled at 1100 with tuesday 1402 preset then wanted to make smth of my own and created this

Reached easily 1210 without even trying.Gonna playtest more tommorow

thursday 12/05/2011

Thx guys smiley really helped

wednesday 11/05/2011

@ Magus Medivh

You have put me in deep thought

Especially with cherry out now (another 8 powered card that isn't 5*) its hard to justify wanda's ban

Great this week! May I suggest it?

tuesday 10/05/2011

Thanks, for your opinions. I will consider some of the suggestions and hopefully do better in ELO smiley.

Thanks smiley

Imo Joanna sucks... I've seen Prince Jr's alot and even the odd Nellie and hmm Usin Pastor for t2


R & C please smiley

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