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friday 27/05/2011

Its a good deck.

Personally i would use Kang instead of Karen.

thursday 26/05/2011

ShadowDreamer deck seems interesting.

Ditha to Muze, Ella to Ivana and Hula to Grudjsmiley

Hmm. I sold Taylor. I have can see him fitting into my half deck. But I think I'm keeping Lola. Anyways, thanks for replying everyone. This thread can be closed now.

I find a skeelz deck with three 4* is the best bet to go with, with cards like jay, Corvus, and manfred or belgosi

wednesday 25/05/2011

Okay - Thank you ill use Cheap rescue and try to get to 1k ELO Score

Btw this is my MAIN Deck
and i took cheap rescue and did some changes tell me what you think, i dont know how to show it since i cant find it in presets ill just name them lol : Ash - Bobby - Glosh - Joana - Larry - Lobo - Pam - Slyde

I think its a good deck and i would't change anything.

p.s I think there is french fourms because on these fourms you have to write in english.

Nice deck but if you can afford it i would change Kamakura to Dayton and Manfred to Caelus Cr because this will be a bit more stable because you will have less effects which rely on winning and losing.

p.s Your nearly there but to make a link which is just the name of the deck you have to spell preset as preset not preseta.

Im sorry but it has been deleted.

Also you are nearly there but if you want to make your link just the name of the deck you only copy the "preset=1879906" and change = to a :

tuesday 24/05/2011

It must suite you playing style to reach 1300 easaly so i wouldn't change it.

p.s if you want to post a link which is just the name of the deck you copy only the preset=1878403 and change the = to a :

Interesting deck.

P.s if you want to make a link which is just the name of the deck you copy only the "preset=1874605" and change the = to a :

Nice deck.. It will probally change a bit each time new berzerk cards come out though.

Its a good deck and you should use it if it works for you but i would change c blade to Sunder but thats just me.

p.s if you want to post just the deck name as the link you copy just the "preset=1879396" and you change the = to a :

If possible i would change cyan to Scubb and andsom to hawkins.

p.s if you want to post just the deck name as the link you only copy the "preset=1880464" and change the = to a :

Since you have all the piranas, yes they're a good clan to get to 1300..

Or click game rules
game mode: elo has been there since i started playing the game =) u were showed it as one of normal pages when you started game also =P

Yeah its all about the people who play elo want to stay in each week

monday 23/05/2011

Problem with Esther is she isnt seen as a huge threat so ppl wont overpill on her, so ull most likely get their 2* thrown at u eg: Sasha/ Arkn/ Samantha etc
This means that if u overpilled u will hav wasted ur pillz gettin in a 'small bleeding dmg' or if u underpilled u will most likely get beaten by a 1-2 pilled 2*
In the unlikely scenario they randomly throw out 6 pillz at u im guessin it was with a high damage card and now u will be sufferin anyway
And that my friend is why Esther sucks balls

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