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sunday 22/05/2011

Jane Ramba Naginata Trish Wardog Bloodh Hawkins Tula and Ulrich
is this deck good enough for 1500 score?

Ya i forgot the colon

Okay ! Thanks _-7-_- and Puddin Tame ! smiley

saturday 21/05/2011

I see you are a fan of Sin.

No thanks for the help!
i actually have Robb Cr but unfortunately he is banned smiley

I usually use half an hour checking banning list and preparing my deck, then 2-3 hours to reach my goal say 1300 or 1200 every week.

friday 20/05/2011

Intergalactic Lesson

ALlstars givingur skeelz a trouble?
Gheist smashing through your sakrohm?

Why not use them together, kill two birds with one stone!!!!!!
This deck balances anti-SOA and anti-Power manip/ attk manip to dominate in ELO

Easily reach 1300 ELO!!! dont believe Ive reached that? check my profile smiley

Interesting. this deck has best of the 2 clans your using. you have the sheer fighting stregth of the montana, and the high damage and SOA of ghiest.

thursday 19/05/2011

I agree with Magus Medivh. If you lose 2 in a row, rest. But if you keep on winning, just continue smiley

Late Sunday. EST

You're more experienced, but I thought I'd take a stab at this. Here's how I see it ... (musing out loud)

Ojibway will create a life gap of 10 (14 - 5 = 9 - 6 = 4 due to minimum reduction)
Greem has the *potential* to create a life gap of 12 (14 - 4/6 due to fury = 10/8 - 3 = 7/5 - 3 = 4/2 limited due to minimum)

That could work ... assuming you're not playing against heavy SOA (even so... Skeelz bonus) or life drain. If I were up against this, I'd either try to DR Ojibway, or wait for you to pill out, then fury like crazy and try to sneak in some life reduction or gain. I'm guessing I'd usually have 2 easy chances to win, and if I've got two 6 damage, or something like Jautya/Kenny, I can eliminate the gap, if not reverse it.

I think the only way to beat this is with EXTREME patience. Looks pretty good to me. smiley

Here is the Deck Im using can someone comment for improvements

Thanks studda that kinda helped

He works very well with "scare" cards. with greem being unbanned, i thought it'd be fun to give this a try. (and yes its been fun so far)

The Lost Art of Ashigaru

please rate and comment, and please share any ashigaru elo decks you like! =)

Gaping Hole V2. Help me on my conquest to my first 1300 ELO ever. So far my personal record has gotten me to 1205. Comments and suggestions much appreciated. Rate please!

wednesday 18/05/2011

Or this one deleted

So that we can do this smiley

See this

Should tell you how to actually play, or you could just click 'play' and figure it out.

tuesday 17/05/2011

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