thursday 05/05/2011

wednesday 04/05/2011

Just need a week that Uranus and Gil are unbanned


I didn't look at it, but I would take Selma over Ahkab any day in any deck.



Keep in mind i don't have many clintz at all. This will be my first true Elo deck. Any suggestions? I was thinking Sheitane to Timmy or Pan?

tuesday 03/05/2011

There aint no deck here...

Well dahlia gives me an alternative way to win ,sometimes i don't have 2 freak so poison is not viable,but with dahlia
i can either make a powerstart so they pill as well and lose,or i can pill 1 or 0 vs a low DR and they just lose 3 pills and 1-2 life

monday 02/05/2011

Some parts I disagree with:

Na Boh to Nimestiec - you at least stand a chance of winning if you drew Nimestiec solo. Na Boh in a solo hand is pretty much a throw away card.

SkrumxxT to Stella - IMO, Stella is the best 5* card in the Sakrohm currently (with the exception of Guru Cr, of course). SkrumxxT is too unstable, SOA just murders the dude outright.

On weeks where Uranus is banned (and that happens too often for comfort), you might consider pushing for Murray, Sigma or Ngrath.

Definitely TrinmkkT to Petra.

You might want to consider bringing down Donnie to a 3*, maybe Sharon, Ottavia or Milovan (hey, don't knock it, he's one of my favorites), then promoting Prince Jr to another 3* card. This is personal preference but that's way too many 2* cards for comfort. Prince Jr/Spiaghi/Mona/Nimestiec = 10 damage total. You can't even KO a guy by winning all four rounds - and you're not gonna win all four rounds.

Join the Dark Side,Chiara...,rate and comment and thanks mods smiley

Maybe ahkab and tyd for scubb and reaeth?

sunday 01/05/2011

Trish and Isatis in the same deck is probably a poor decision with all the SoA around.

Just my opinion...

Burdock -> Noodile Cr
Maurice -> Dorian

A deck that requires the brains for it to work properly:
rate up guys thanks!!

This is perfect deck ..

ofcourse for Survivor ELO smiley

I recommend methane instead of anibal..But maybe that depends on my personal playstyle..methane is more stablesmiley..and i would also recomend Bristone instead of'd be surprised how many times a DR wins you a game.

saturday 30/04/2011


friday 29/04/2011

Would Glosh be ok?

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