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friday 13/05/2011

Last week i reached 1300+ with my own creation.
This week i struggled at 1100 with tuesday 1402 preset then wanted to make smth of my own and created this

Reached easily 1210 without even trying.Gonna playtest more tommorow

thursday 12/05/2011


Hope it helpssmiley

Thx guys smiley really helped

wednesday 11/05/2011

@ Magus Medivh

You have put me in deep thought

Especially with cherry out now (another 8 powered card that isn't 5*) its hard to justify wanda's ban

Great this week! May I suggest it?

tuesday 10/05/2011

Thanks, for your opinions. I will consider some of the suggestions and hopefully do better in ELO smiley.

Thanks smiley

Imo Joanna sucks... I've seen Prince Jr's alot and even the odd Nellie and hmm Usin Pastor for t2


R & C please smiley

The tradeoff with Backlash is better stats on your guys for less stars, so while you may get hurt by the Backlash, you're also likely to be using less pills to win battles and that helps your other guys. Also, winning a match with 10 health vs. 8 health is still winning. If the cost of a better statline in ELO is two damage, I'd certainly look at how much better the guy is star-wise for that cost.

monday 09/05/2011

@ magus wasn't the question... but i just prefer to have her over ngrath..

Where can I go to get more info then, since the official boards are so low on activity?

Rate green and comment.Vermyn n to shogunn?

I'm using life manipulators in ELO
a budget but a good deck
Waka Waka Eh Eh smiley

My 10K budget elo deck smiley

Preset's most likely been deleted. Please close mods.

sunday 08/05/2011


1/1 Backlash you win

This is the deck he uses for tourneys: 20th November

All the other decks he posts are celebration decks, trust me, it is clearly impossible to win a DT, even place in the top 5, with multiple ELO perma-banned cards. The penalty system is fine as it is.

Life is Power

What u reckon guys?
PS: Dont flame on kenny, he is a great card, simply having him in ur hand is enough to scare ur opp. into not pilling against ur other cards, even if its Logan!

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