friday 22/04/2011

Vortex Fever smiley rate and comment and thanks modssmiley

When unbanned, the best clan for elo is Sakrohm. Unfortunatly sigma will never be unbannedsmiley

Piranas is probably the most stable and consistent elo clan.

thursday 21/04/2011

I like using sentinel in a half deck because sentinel are vulnerable against SoA, cards like coby and john are good but there are some good cards like melvin , lehane . I like sentinel ELO but they are far from the best.

New preset, check it out let me know what you think
rates, comments, and suggestions all welcomed!

wednesday 20/04/2011

The simplest way to get to 1200? Grind, grind and grind some more. Unless you're using a starter deck, 1200 should not be a problem as long as you play enough games. I've gotten to 1200 losing more matches than I win.

Try if you are having trouble with ELO : )

tuesday 19/04/2011

Thanks bro xD

monday 18/04/2011

Can't make 1100? try tiddlywinks?


PLs suggest changes/ tips/ etc

sunday 17/04/2011

Mr Intelijent's post and his name are both extremely ironic. Made my day.

Actually, WMD Tiger, it depends on the ranking of the people you play. I found some patterns according to the official ELO calculator here:

If you and your opponent are both the same rating, and the rating is under 1299:

The winner gets +16, the loser gets -12, and both players get +0 in a draw.

If you and your opponent are both the same rating, and the rating is above 1300:

The winner gets +12, the loser gets -16, and both players get +0 in a draw.

So yes, you lose more points and win less points overall after reaching Elo 1300, but it's far from being twice the amount. Of course, the rating of players you face change, but on average, there's only a 4 point difference between winning and losing. (some games you'll have a larger difference, and some games, less, depending on ratings of both sides, but again, it's on average)

No you can still win rares at 1200, if you look in the ELO history it happened just last week smiley

saturday 16/04/2011

Thanks, it's a great deck and I did hit 1300 ELO but now I got sidetracked trying to get Bikini Joe. I'm going to keep watching the site, I hope they have more good deck ideas.but as always with UR - it's how you play it that matters.

friday 15/04/2011

Thanks for all the solid recommendations

thursday 14/04/2011

I'd replace Platinum with Elke. Wardom, with active ability, can 2HKO with anyone. But you need to lose before that, so at least get some benefit from that defeat. And without Wardom, there are no other fury-less 2HKO possibilities

Also, replace Mini Mund with... Duh, ANYTHING. He is terrible, hardly ever gets his ability activated. I'd say Bristone, but if she gets banned, Dolly is a good replacement, especially in ELO, and would enable one more 2HKO option - 1st round: win with Dolly, 4th round: win with Draheera

Non Random --> Higher Attack always wins
Random ---> cards with less stars have a higher chance to win

wednesday 13/04/2011

Nope,if anything, he went Cr so that it wouldn't happen.

Some of those cards are used in the deck of the week over at They update awesome elo decks every week.

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