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saturday 02/04/2011


Need tips on what cards to put in and take out, I'd rather leave kinjo in, he's great for bluffing, and if not, 10 damage is amazing

@LW-Daimore deleted&list
@Apoc-Prophet deleted&list im afraid the idea isnt very good as currently rescus full deck is over used so this deck would be good if this wasnt the case lol
@Soundtrack_8 your request is quite hard as im not a vortex player but im working on it, close to getting a C wing for it smiley

This is on of my first elo decks I'm not that new to the game though and now what cards are banned ect
so can every body Rate & Comment

Keep Gibson cuz SOB is better than attack manipulation

friday 01/04/2011

Thank you Tiger

thursday 31/03/2011

wednesday 30/03/2011

Check this one out: Montana/Uppers:

You can use Sharon instead of Mona. Seems pretty strong.

tuesday 29/03/2011

Hmmm k I need Marco ND Kerry then Itl be eaaaasy smiley

monday 28/03/2011

I don't have that strong of a knowledge of cards, I know a few but I never use cards with stop abilities, so I was wondering what are some good cards with Stop: abilities since there's going to be many gheist this week.
Thanks smiley

I usually run a sentinel/skeelz elo deck just incase i run into some SoA
but with the release of martha i'm going to try something new


The title says it all, im new to elo and wanted to see what you thought of my first elo deck, I want to know if i should make any changes and weather there are any imparticular tactics I should use within the deck, Thanks!


If you keep it T2 (over 25*) I would switch Cyb Lhia to Dagg. Battle will be over before poison has chance to do much damage.

If you want to make it T1 and ELO (25* and under) then switch Wardom to either Arkn or Z3r0 D34d and Deea to Dagg.

You could argue switching Toro for Anibal for either T1 or T2 but both are very good choices. I could consider making the switch if you keep it T2 so you don't have two revenge cards in your hand. Or you can keep Anibal and switch Wardom for Rolph.

The two of us are solid evidence of how awesome he is.

@jd: Hmm makes sense, thank you!

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