saturday 12/03/2011

While the above points are true, it is definitely easier for someone struggling to hit 1300 with some decks other than others. I wouldn't recommend Fang Pi Clang because they require near perfect pillz usage but a clan like Rescue can allow for a little mistake. In other words, it is much more difficult to become locked up after round 1 with rescue than it is for FPC.

Just something you might want to think about when picking a clan and deck smiley


Yeah this is my best deck So RATE and COMMENT and show me how to make it better

Thanks Mods smiley

@xavi Yeah but i was hoping for a sentinel lol

friday 11/03/2011

Here's my new deck. Its not perfect, but its very good imo.
Its also very cheap, i didnt notice that is was until after i published it xD
Read the description, the R+C!! deleted

Thanks Mods.

Rescue makes sense. You can throw a good deck together for 20k. Sledg, elvira, anita, slyde, lea, glosh, krash, and wesley or ash is a very cheap effective deck.

It needs less pussycats smiley

thursday 10/03/2011

If the choices are Ghumbo + Pan vs Glorg + Kenny, I'd go with the prior. Sure, Kenny's potential life gap is amazing. In many eyes, he's the best non-perma banned 4 star in Nightmare. The problem is, he's pairing two mid power clans, with a set-up that lacks attack manipulation and has very, very light power manipulation. Sure, there's SoA/SoB but two all stops isn't necessary, especially when Glorg is one more star and only one damage better than Leviatonn. If you truly want to use /kenny, use Azgroth in the other slot.

It was a display glitch, fixed.

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It was a display glitch, fixed now.

I like Sentinel. Add Melvin, Owen, Lehane, and Kyle to stop SOB. smiley It works Amazing for me.

wednesday 09/03/2011

I love u guys, thx for not banning olga. smiley

A rescue deck with enough bonus protection could be bad news if the draws don't go your way...
Sledge, Kerry, Glosh, Elvira, Lea, etc.
Kerry, Sledge, elvira, and Lea are all good draws against Piranas.
Glosh is a monster against gheist, and in general they are hurt by the huge attack manipulation of rescue.

monday 07/03/2011

Comment, Rate etc smiley

This is cheap and working. Comments? Ideas?

Comments? Ideas?

Comments? Ideas?

Aww his post got deleted.

sunday 06/03/2011

I really really dont have any idea what I need to do to make a good deck, what needs to go in etc.

Am trying out a Junkz/Sakrohm deck atm with:


Wakai seems to do okay but a bit random, is that just my lack of skills or do I need a more solid deck?

Mono is not to difficult I play mono pussycats my beef is they only have two 5 stars decent or qualify for elo the rest clearly made for type 2 which the pussies should avoid.

saturday 05/03/2011

I've been playing Roots and Fang Pi and its been doing pretty well.

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