saturday 05/03/2011

I play both Uppers and Skeelz a lot in ELO.

The good:

5 Uppers and 3 Skeelz- Yes, that's the correct balance.
Redra- Yes, she is the 2* DR that Uppers need.
Oxen, Rubie, Nellie- Yes, those are the staples in Uppers.

The Questionable:
Greem- how compatible is she with Oxen? Much as I dislike Jay, perhaps Jay would be a better complement to Uppers, especially since your preset doesn't have Chiara.
Burt- He doesn't help you 2HKO. Uppers DR are dead weight against GHEIST.
Frankie Hi- Isn't he worse than Harold in just about every case? And you have plenty of characters to play on 1st.
Danae: Isn't she completely worse than Harold as well?


The problem with the Skeelz complement is that Skeelz don't have too many standout characters against the bad Uppers match ups (GHEIST and All- Stars). The 2 clans have opposite strategies- Uppers win on 2HKO and Skeelz win on gap. I find Vortex to be a much more synergestic complement to Uppers. If you stay with Skeelz, you should have either Chiara or Jay.

Feel free to put suggestionssmileysmileysmiley

friday 04/03/2011

I was thinking about building an elo deck with very NATURAL (Not because of ability) high powered cards. Then i thought, freaks and fang pi are not a good combo, but when i looked at my cards, i though ... HELL YEAH!

Zhu Thang

Please write commentssmiley

Depends on the clans i'm using and who's available, although i enjoy having a 5 star more than 2 4's

It doesn't deserve a negative rating, but it's not great either. Get rid of Manfred! You can replace Taigo and Stanly as well

thursday 03/03/2011

The "No Random" option is not on the room selection page, it is located at the top of every room next to the "Fight Now" button.

wednesday 02/03/2011

Ghumbo's Resurrection.
Rate and Comment, and all that stuff.
Thanks Mods.



It works wonder sometimes but probably the power might be too low. Mind to give some comments on how to make it better?

Hello everyone,

I am kinda new into this and would appreciate constructive help with my fang pi deck.

Thanks in advance


tuesday 01/03/2011

Its all that dead selina's fault. biggest troll ever

I would have said Piranas, but they have Bonnie Ld AND Hawkins both banned this week. Those two cards were some of the clan's main strengths. Of course that is only this week but it's likely to happen again.
Piranas and GHEIST are the most stable.

Ghumbo mawpin pan and dunno about the 4th card smiley

Yeah, check up on the rules if you're unsure.

But the short answer is minimum 5 games a week, and your ending ELO score for that week must be above 1000. That gets you the basic 2 credits. You can earn more (credits, clintz and cards) if your score is higher.

monday 28/02/2011

No Eggman this week. Hahaha.

Which clans will be strong this week? I want to make a new deck for 20-25k.

I'd like to start playing in the ELO mode soon, and I was looking for comments on the deck I'm using.
I have about 500 clintz left over, and no money to buy credits, so it would be nice if changes could be kept to a minimum.

Thank you in advance.

Possibly but just about all the good roots cards are perma banned. or on temp ban every week.

saturday 26/02/2011

How it is right now not even the damage clans can reliably 2 hko everyone packs so much dr life gain and poison its just getting boring and if its not that its piranas nightmare or montana they should bring back evo cards 12 life and get rid of player bans and just do theme weeks of bans like no stop clans one week no attack manip another etc it would keep it fresh week to week, the big one is 12 life tho the cards were designed to fight at 12 life. and seriously roots as a mono is just unplayable at the moment they need to get some stuff un banned rescue as well.

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