monday 28/02/2011

No Eggman this week. Hahaha.

Which clans will be strong this week? I want to make a new deck for 20-25k.

I'd like to start playing in the ELO mode soon, and I was looking for comments on the deck I'm using.
I have about 500 clintz left over, and no money to buy credits, so it would be nice if changes could be kept to a minimum.

Thank you in advance.

Possibly but just about all the good roots cards are perma banned. or on temp ban every week.

saturday 26/02/2011

How it is right now not even the damage clans can reliably 2 hko everyone packs so much dr life gain and poison its just getting boring and if its not that its piranas nightmare or montana they should bring back evo cards 12 life and get rid of player bans and just do theme weeks of bans like no stop clans one week no attack manip another etc it would keep it fresh week to week, the big one is 12 life tho the cards were designed to fight at 12 life. and seriously roots as a mono is just unplayable at the moment they need to get some stuff un banned rescue as well.

Hi, I haven't been playing very long, and so I don't have many klintz. I have cards for a deck in piranas atm, but very hard to know what I can build for Elo since they banned Tyd, and I can't use any leaders i have gotten so far.

Currently my deck contains: Bonnie, Cyan, Ector, Kristin, Pesth, Puff, Tula, Ulrich.

It's only 24 stars atm.
Which cards should I change?
I seriously only have 1000 something klintz right now smiley so cant get a dream deck yet, but want to be able to play ELO at least, without losing because of underpowered guys.




09:56 Elo you lost by default against fuze17, King of Kings (8-14): 1243 ELO
09:52 Elo you crushed m i k a e l o (12-2): 1255 ELO
09:47 Elo you narrowly escaped from blip blop, Shadows of the Day (5-3): 1238 ELO
09:43 Elo you beat Falibin, El Cauce Del Rio Nilo (9-0): 1220 ELO
09:40 Elo you narrowly escaped from BH Joseluy, ▪▪Blood Hunters▪▪ (10-7): 1206 ELO

--[ Tear It Up ]--
Read the bio of it, and rate and comment. Suggestions would be good too!!


An idea for a deck based on a lot of the talk I've heard about the 'new' ELO. Only thing I've been having trouble with is GHEIST and Roots (Which isn't that surprising).

Please R&C. Thanks for looking. smiley

friday 25/02/2011



I built a deck with the help of mahdin_DvF. I built it before these new releases (mainly eggman and zhu tang).
I obviously didnt know these cards where being released, but i built an awesome deck that'll counter these cards, even before they where released!! Hope you enjoy. It looks like gheist are gunna be used alot now that eggman is one of the best cards in elo. R+C.
--Forceful Vengence--

Thanks smiley

Bonnie Ld is a great card. Shes either 2 free pills or a bluff for 2 damage you cant really go wrong with her.

wednesday 23/02/2011

Poison then High Damage to finish off all those 14 life points

Fatal Poison

Rate and Comment please smiley

Tell me when you hit 1400 with it smiley

This is a great deck I made using Nightmare's great 2* and 3* cards including the new Edwin, and Ulu Watu's nukes. Hope you guys like it smiley


tuesday 22/02/2011

Greem, Jay or even Manfred

Aylen is scary, but is too easily beaten, plus a lot of Piranas 2*'s have 7 base power and others have manipulation that forces you to pill with her.
Drake is no good, but I've never given him a chance either so I may be wrong...

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