tuesday 22/02/2011

A tie match is a tie match.

Unless you mean your opponent's card had the same attack as your card?
Then that comes down to which card has less stars; e.g. a two-starred card beats a three-starred card.
If both cards have the same star count then the card that was played first wins.

monday 21/02/2011

Do u guys have any suggestions also rate and comment http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1763316&list

Hey erm, I'm trying out this deck for Elo because it looks like the entire Bangers/Junkz are free from ban (excluding the permanents) so I guess maybe we'll see a lot of either clan.
Anyway, I'm playing this for Elo this week, is there anything that can be improved? Ways to improve the deck, strategies to accompany the deck or even advice on what to watch out for this week is welcome!


My first public preset for this week's ELO. Trying to take advantage of the defeat and revenge abilities in one half-deck. I know it's pretty predictable, but that just makes it easy to bluff with. Any tips/advice will be much appreciated.

Cheers smiley

Not a Davina fan myself but it's not bad

What time does ELO end for the east coast time? Is it 6:00 pm?

sunday 20/02/2011

If you're doing well with it, than i wouldn't change it, but i would replace hawkins with tula (that also gives you an extra 10,000 clintz for other cards) ella for ivana. if you can afford dalhia she could be useful

Try a montana deck with mona avola prince jr spiaghi ottavia oscar gianfranco and edd

Looks nice to me

how do I load presets, as I've hit 1300 and I would like some advice on my elu/night m deck

saturday 19/02/2011

Don't worry if you don't get it, it's hard to explain smiley
Call it regular bluffing if you like, I just call it Anti-Bluffing.



friday 18/02/2011

Hmm, i agree with poj-poj,
a banning may depend on the rest of the cards in the clan :/

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25k deck deleted im curently at 1320 after going 11 game so far without loss with this deck (i played some games with another deck before i changed to this one).

thursday 17/02/2011

I have a good collection most vortex pirana junks and la junta
a good collection of ulu watu uppers and sentinel
Doing well in type 1 but can't seem to win in
Elo looking for some advice please

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