friday 11/02/2011

Spudd is simply speaking amazing. At first i thought "meh, 4 damage kills him" but after playing with him a little, I realized how much of a monster he is.

Spudd is definitely a great idea.

Some of the All Star staples for future investment:

Ashley, Jessie, Stacey, Spudd, Karen, Marina (banned 3/4 of the time, but sooo worth her price), Oyoh, Robb (same remark as Marina)

Neloe is actually the worst of the bunch in terms of actual DR. -3 damage is nice but minimum of 3 still lets by most damage from an average card. the min of 3 is probably to balance the fact that you get 2/3 pills back with vortex bonus

The fang pi half deck i use is 13* consisting of kuei fei marlysa cr and chan . I want to know whats a good clan to pair them up with do i go for DR or 2 hit ko potential for example. I know in the 15 life elo 2 hit ko is a no no but I will use the deck for T1/survivor elo aswell so it's deffinately there to consider. Looking for any useful tips/advice from elo players who've managed to do well with fang pi in the past. Thanks guys smiley

But not every clan deserves every ability. the abilities of poison and +life to me go against the bangers entirely

thursday 10/02/2011

I found this to be a reliable deck (for my play style):

Puff 2*
Hawkins 2*
Bonnie Ld 2* / Tula 2* (I prefer Bonnie in this case)

Taljion 3*
Ulrich 3* (however, Tyd and Ector are very viable as well)

Raeth 4*
Sting 4* (good pillz saver, I prefer her over Scubb, but Scubb is ok as well)

Selma 5* (surprised she got only mentioned twice so far)

I honestly don't know how Ahkab will do in the current ELO environment. It is all about nukes and you really don't want to trigger his defeat ability because that means you miss out on 8 damage and you potentially take a huge hit while doing that. After that you are left with mostly low damage cards and even taking home 3 rounds may not be enough to win.


Try this deck, cheap and good. You just need to get Bonnie.

Mix them in with the jungo or other good life giveing cards like kenny or jautya and give yourself a little more of a life gap makes it really hard to make it up.


You know what my strategy was when 12 life was still around when I used Freaks/Jungo? Create an unbeatable life gap in 2 rounds. It's actually easier than those THKOs. I don't see what the point of this 15 life stuff was.

wednesday 09/02/2011

For Sakrohm maybe SkrumxxT, Petra, Murray, Wakai

I used a mono skeels against piranhas, worked nicely smiley
and i suggest maybe a mono nightmare deck, just because most piranhas decks I face or not usually half decks
but this week i havent seen to many piranha decks, so i cant say for sure smiley

Thx shinboo. blaaster will perfect it but he is semi-banned. use him to substitute shogunn whenever he is available,

tuesday 08/02/2011

Thank you for your time, plz comment on the deck page, as i don't look at Message Board that much

here the link to the deck:

Thank again

monday 07/02/2011

Don't you mean ELO nukes: I can actaully use them now?

I was also trying Pesth and Spycee over Hawkins and Dalhia. Pesth for that poison really helps, plus good bluff. And Spycee helps to just block crucial abilities.

Dalhia is a strong upgrade over Selma, don't kid yourself.

Hawkins is arguably the most powerful character in Piranas but he's not very forgiving. If you pill perfectly with him you win the game but if you overpill wih him by too much you lose.

Dalhia is much easier to use because you still come out ahead even if you overpill with her by a lot.

Piranas have a lot more depth at 2* than at 5*. Selma doesn't begin to approach Dalhia- Selma is just a 7 power character until you win with her, and most presets can handle a 7 power SOB character. I don't know how Akhab will pan out but a) he does different things than Dalhia and b) he's still not a 5* to play last. The only one of those Piranas have is Bloodh (Slimian is not a serious character).

And right now, in the ELO voting?


Like, three Freaks, for the first time, well ... ever, I do believe.

Just go look at it.

Look at it and cry a happy tear.

Sorry, what I was saying is the loss of Copper hurts.

sunday 06/02/2011


Comment please

O and at john, today with my skeels deck i think i got to 1200 and something, but went back down a little, and ty suicide and sed smiley

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