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saturday 05/02/2011

My deck is a Roots/Vortex plz help make it better

and thank you alot for your time

friday 04/02/2011

For the missions, I used Scubb, Katan, Kristin, Taljion, Ulrich, Andsom, Hawkins, and Puff, at least until I got into the DM ones. If you need more pill manipulation, Puff to Hawkins Noel was working just fine.

Once in the DM missions I used Ambre, Scubb, Raeth, Taljion, Ulrich, Hawkins, Tula, and Puff. Probably not the best decks, but they worked for me, especially when it came to the damage mission.

I can spend more on the deck, but the deck as it stands is the budget version.

thursday 03/02/2011

Fwiw... things are better now. just ignored the life totals and concentrated on the gap numbers (+3, even, -2 etc).

Piranas for straightforward play with pillz manipulation
Nightmare for poison, life gain and other sneaky tactics

Both are good for ELO. You decide.

wednesday 02/02/2011

Yup, pick a clan bonus. then read the cards to see who you like and also read the comments for the cards as they usually are quite on the nail.

after that just buy what appeals to you. it's a game so fun is worth more than being bored silly winning every round

Nice deck, love that Freaks are coming back into play. They are a favorite of mine. I'd only recommend that you drop Baldovino for either Pyro, Grudj or Crassus, depending on your playstyle. I'd also say get rid of Spiaghi. He's obviously a defender and has no other purpose (why put any pillz into him for 1 point of damage, very predictable. besides that i've grown to hate montana period. Personal preference of course but I figured i'd throw that in). With Zoltan or Soushee you at least maintain your bonus of poison. If you feel the need to have a five star, I find that Eve or Erpeto are much better in most circumstances than Baldovino. Eve is my most used 5 star and makes for a good low pill finisher. Most everyone expects you to play her early on to get your poison through and by the time they cover for her you can just throw a few pillz in and win easy, if you need any pillz at all. Anyways, good luck with your deck

tuesday 01/02/2011


Am i glad he didn't make it ........................ Yes
Why? I own 1
But seriouly difficult card to fight if you don't have SOA or SOB and have 6 or less power throw the round it isn't worth it
Persoanly i think he is more OP than rowdy and stricker who are banned permanantly

Still i think it is a shakra, rathana situation ban the less power and hope the king has less followers

What do you think?

Freaks weaknesses were always there - the minimum, and more importantly, that the bonus is kind of useless after the first hit. There's not much difference in the power of the Freaks, except that you need two hits to use the bonus to the full potential. Pyro might see some use.

Iono it might work in T1 Tourney but not in 15 hp ELO...
I mean it doesn't deal enough damage nor does it reduce enough damage to be much of a threat against my deck...
I would think you would want to widen the life gap as much as possible; not just be so concentrated on winning every round and lasting through 4 rounds each time you play.

monday 31/01/2011

In the past, when Kerry, Elvira, and Sledg were out of the running I'd go with a life manipulation build using:

Aurora, Suzie, Benson (or Glosh if you need help against SoA), Anita, Slyde, Krash, Lea, and Steve.

That deck can work, but you're terribly weak against SoA and SoB. It's actually a shame that Sott Ld isn't out there in wide distribution yet, as he could help that deck out some.

It's someone else's preset, but this is the deck I built and I'm looking for C&C. I'd like to try Jungo this week, but I know nothing about them really.

I find myself using my Rescue mono deck quite often, and my play style is usually at a disadvantage to them, but that is only due to my inexperience, not that their overpowered, i just need to find a new strategy when facing a Vortex mono

sunday 30/01/2011

The 15 life should be only for T2 !

No they can't actually.

1416 Elo smiley please comment and rate smiley

saturday 29/01/2011

You could downgrade Petra to Uranus or Sigma, depending on whether or not they're banned that given week (since they both are this week, meh), and play Ditha over Yayoi.

But that's fairly nitpicky. It's a solid deck.

Something that I think would be a good thing...

When you go to look at "ELO" decks, thanks to the targeted bannings each week, and updates to the perma-ban list, about 90% of the decks filed under "ELO" can't be played in ELO, which is kind of useless...

Could there be an automatic trigger that when you have a deck posted for ELO that gets banned portions, it reverts to Deathmatch or T1?

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