saturday 22/01/2011

After a long break, I return with more courage than ever .. hehe .. smiley
I just published a preset .. is this:
Try it and comment .. smiley I also appreciate it if you votaceis .. green face of course smiley
Greetings! smiley

friday 21/01/2011

Your second half of your post isn't up yet, but C-Wing is far from the 3rd best card... What about Gil? Hawkins? Lehane? Jessie? Marlysa Cr?

and no to Rosa. 6/6 with poison is not as good as it sounds... especially in ELO where your opponent will have cards like Blaaster, Nanook, Robb, etc to destroy her.

You actually have enough card to build a nice montana deck.

5* Avola
4* Edd
3* Mona
3* Gianfranco
3* Oscar
2* Prince Jr
2* Spiaghi

you just need a 3* Sharon (700 clintz) and you'll have + + The Mafia legend + +

but if you want to use it this week then i suggest try something else as Avola, Edd and Mona are ban this week.

Thanks for all the help! I think I'll make a Montana-Pussycats as an interim while saving up for Jungo. You guys have helped me a lot!

Ok. I'm starting to see more Gheist. This deck looks like it'll be hard to make 1300 with.

thursday 20/01/2011

Use Izsobagh....that card doesn't even exist so they will never see it coming. smiley

This is what you were waiting for:

wednesday 19/01/2011

If you can't afford dagg, heegrn i've found to be pretty effective in a heegrn/deea/cwing/cyblhia half. thats lots of dmg in a 11*half

In the deck I posted above, I had Brittany, Muze, and Yayoi with Sigma, Murray, Nimestiec, Jautya and Petra. I was wondering, would it be worth it to replace Brittany with a Sakrohm 2*? Or would it be good to put in someone else, ex: Spiaghi, Lehane etc. If i do that, it would become a 5-2-1 deck. What do you think?

tuesday 18/01/2011

Not true. it is certainly not SOA.

Commented on the preset, and rate smiley

monday 17/01/2011

Shaakarti is a solid 7/7, with a courage sob. She can basically counter any sob clan with her sob, which is very very good. She's also solid vs soa and vs manip clans like Montana and all stars (she's a realeative +12 atk and +2 power respectively). However, her fatal flaw is her non-synergy with C Wing, which basically sucks
Dregn is a potential 8/8, and has 5 unblockable damage. Not really too remarkable, as someone like Spiaghi can reduce fully still. His main weakness though is soa, as it'll halve his damage and make him unusable.
C Beast is a potential 9/8, and has a bonus too unlike that old dude. His damage is solid, and his power... is a very scary 5. Soa and you have a waste of 5*
Oflgn is 7/5/5, which is fine. The problem is 1. Vortex Dr is Nonexistent 2. Cyb Lhia takes up less space and has more power 3. Soa makes this card unusable
Overall, Shaakarti is the best, Dregn for solid power, C Beast for solid damage, Oflgn for solid... well it's the thought that counts

Blaaster isnt banned this week.

What do you think? I'm new to building with Sakrohm

sunday 16/01/2011

I love Owen. I'd keep him in. He opens up a 2HKO with the entire deck. Tobbie is weak against Montana, and we've been seeing a lot of those, so I'd replace him. In a full sentinal deck I like Rick for the high damage, but that increases your vulnerability to SOA, so I'd say Tobbie -> Kyle. Then instead of Skiner, I'd say katja, for an easy finish after a hit from Owen.

Found this deck: New jungo!!!
I used this deck in ELO, and I just got my first 7 fights with it all wins and am now at 1104 ELO! smiley

I dont care how much it is besides the Cr cards there just unreal but i want to make a Elo Nightmare/Gheist deck so i dont want any ban cards or weekly ban cards ill give kiddos to anyone who will help me smiley

saturday 15/01/2011

I think your Jungo pat is good,but mabey change Jautya for Petra,and Mabey Nimestic for Na Boa,because his ability goes better with the Jungo

friday 14/01/2011

Really good deck... It can get you to 1100+ easily for new players

Low Budget ELO deck 1100+ ELO

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