saturday 08/01/2011

Well.. currently I'm using a Montana combo..

Prince Jr, Don, Edd, Ottavia, Oscar, Sharon, Spiaghi and Gianfranco.

I lose 1-1, so winning 50% of the time, really is just going to keep me at the same level, I have some clintz to work with, so if you even made me something, I could work with it!

friday 07/01/2011

Over 1300 90% of the decks ive seen included gheist and/or piranhas

Exit game : )

1300-1400 is bloody difficult, but try to like i dunno loosten really unpredictable stuff and take risks. thats the only way i win in that section. I lose when i concentrate to much.

But try NIghtmare/ Pussycats or Pirana mono or Ulu/ Nightmare or generally Ghiest with anything...thas the 4 i see goin around atm

thursday 06/01/2011

Just keep playing and learn as you play.

Thanks. I will try to pick up Angie and will put Bennie in - I'm not sure how I missed him when I built the deck.

wednesday 05/01/2011

This deck is GREAT! I actually carnt think of any changes.
BUT, i wud probably change dorian to herman when dorian is banned in elo smiley

Check it out.

Here is my deck:

a lot of people have been telling me to get Burt 2 star, but I feel that if I make it 2 star, it becomes too obvious that I'm using it as a throw away card. Is my deck fine as the way it is? Any helps would be appreciated.

Do u guys think this could hit atleast hit 1300 because im not doing very good with it it might be because i made it yesterday an need more practice with it idk preset=1688942

do you guys think this deck has what it takes?

tuesday 04/01/2011

Well I wouldn't recommend Nightmare/GHEIST. It was terrible as for me, I sold all the GHEIST cards (with a small profit smiley) and as it seems i made a good combination with Montana/Nightmare Don, Ficcanaso, Gianfranco, Spiaghi, Glorg, Kenny, Mawpin, Pan. I guess its just luck but after i sold the cards I wanted to go and check with what decks the other ppl are playing but after a few fights in the daily tourney and survivor i won 29 fights out of 36 (1 draw).

Http:// Touch

Great deck, about 22k, gets me to 1300 if I put in the time

Hey, i need help making this deck, already made a prototype, but something just doesnt seem right about the deck. I know its quite low on damage, and heavenly high in power. But, it just looks flawed to me.
So, all im asking is can people comment and make sugestions on how to change it?
(Rowdy and gil are both banned this week)


Well the most viable option for me is davina.. protection bonus is stil good unlike those two

monday 03/01/2011

Miken Moose actually wins pill for pill against Selma until its over 7 pills. If you are pilling 7 against Selma, you are better off using a nuker. Tight call, but I usually use Jeto as I usually need to win 3 rounds with roots - an extra guy that I can pill on is good.

A deck I came up with, surprised it wasn't already taken.
Serena's Tsunami

Rate/comment, please.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Hi, i just started last week. I have tried a few presets to play with in ELO and the highest i got was 1200. I created a deck but i i wuold like to know if there are still ways i can improve it.. basically i created the deck with having only to compete with abilities and not clan bonuses.

Any comments and advice will be much appreciated since like i said I'm new.

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