monday 03/01/2011

Ohh i see, so the ELO calculator is just to estimate the ELO points of ur previous opponent(:

sunday 02/01/2011

Is there a specific time that one ELO week ends and the next begins? I hav read sometime Sunday evening/Monday morning. I saw something that said 18:00 but that was3 hours ago and it hasnt started nextweek yet....

THanks guys!
@0 Chaos, yes having 2 revenge characters can be quite tricky,..

saturday 01/01/2011

You also have to tie in the fact that ppl stop playing for so long, then come back, and try to get back in the groove. might miscalculate a few things (that's what happened to me)

Happy new years UR!

Roots + any attack manipulator clan is the best for me.. but the best was roots/uppers decksmiley

Piranas. If you have some friend in your guild, try borrowing cards from them first before buying cause sometimes, an idea can be great but when you try, it's not. Nightmare in my opinion is better used as half deck and I'd take Glorg or maybe even Azgroth over Kenny

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Try something new smiley find out what clans your having the most trouble with and counter it

friday 31/12/2010


I have been using this and it has been doing pretty well, but still think there is room for improvement.


Is the following deck good(it is only good thing that fits my budget xD)
Pan, Nistarok, Dieter, Nerfeniti, Jiro, Dreen, Onik, Lolly

I think those clans with attack manipulation.
I use Bangers/Uppers in DM, my strategy is, use uppers in the 1st or 2nd turn with few pills, then once i'm ready to KO my opponent I use my bangers since +2 power are best use in high pill fights and +/-attack for low pill fights

thursday 30/12/2010

It drops by 1 on 1st day, 3 on 2nd, 7 on 3rd, 23 on 4th, 55 on 5th, 119 on 6th.

1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64

Hey guys?
Is there any new cards which replaced some older skeelz/rescue? Like is there a new good rescue 4star?

Thanks smiley

The problem with Sakrohm is that they are hard to use in ELO regions over 1300 because of GHEIST being everywhere. There are no real staff and/or player bans that keep GHEIST out of ELO because they have replacements for everything. If you draw a hand of Sigma, Murray, Jautya and some other random card, you most likely lose because you have virtually no damage.

Other than that, Sakrohm is always good enough to provide an easy time to get up to 1300 ELO.

The ideal partner for me would probably be All Stars. Something like this:

Jautya/Petra (depending on personal preference, I like Jautya)


Sans blague

Could also exchange Sigma for Petra/Jautya and then use Stacey for Randy.

wednesday 29/12/2010

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