saturday 18/12/2010

I test out this deck today and the result is Elo 1107; 11 wins; 8 losses; 5 draw. its not bad for a 1st time user but maybe its just my lucky day.

now i know why Oshitsune is ban almost every week, i win almost everytime i draw him, the only time i loss is because i face SoA ability card. who know a 4 power card can be so dangerous.

friday 17/12/2010

Hmmm hasent happend to me yet

thursday 16/12/2010

Then make your deck so it is only 23-24 stars instead of 25, basically don't put any 5 star characters in your deck. Also my advice as for why you keep getting stuck into tie situations is to not conserve pills and go for that 2 hit ko. Bangers, the base cards in general, have high damage but low power unless they have their +2 power bonus. So you should generally always overpill compared to your opponent so your damage can go through. Basically playing at least 4-5 pills per card, unless you are using a dr or soa. Now Junkz have a +8 attack bonus. So playing 3+ pills per card is fine.

Rate and comment pls! thanks.


what you guys think?

wednesday 15/12/2010

Finally, another sarcastic one!

You gotta base it on the week, the new elo gives a huge advantage to those who play to counter the meta. I've hit 1300 with an anti-gheist deck that was 7k (preset=162808smiley a week or two ago, but this week, it was a little more difficult, but I got 1300 with a deck that is almost 70k. (pirate de l'espace et de la mer) Any decent deck can get 1300 if you know how to use it. I get 1300 every week, so if you wanna know what I'm running, just pm me. I've used almost every clan to get 1300 in elo.

tuesday 14/12/2010

Heres my new sakrohm and nightmare elo deck. It uses some of the clans major staples!
--Intergalactic Doom--
R+C. Also, can anyone try it out so i know if its any gud, cos i cant play for the next day or so, thanks smiley


Cops and (Bang)ers

I would explain a little bit, but if you go to the preset, you'll see what's up. Comment, rate honestly, and if you're interested in working with someone like nemisis9876NA, get in touch with him... he's one of my favorite deck designers that I've seen in the game.

Not to reiterate answers but Wardom is definetly my go to gheist 5* in elo.

Miss Twice comes in for Deathmatch and Survior T2, where your half deck should look like Miss Twice, Wardom, Rolph and Lin Xia(as Xu52 as too litte power to compete)

monday 13/12/2010

This is my new type elo la junta deck i think there is just something that is not right i ususally do quite good but with this deck i just cant do any good

SoB huts, but this deck should do well against all others:

And another thing is in these weeks we seems to have a three to four hour late beginning new week of ELO....
In my time zone it should begin at Monday 7am but the actual start (which I take as the time of 'vote ban list' updated) seems as late as 10:30am or even 11am.
(The same time as I'm posting this (10:48am in my timezone) Week 50 doesn't begin...)

My first deck was nightmare and all I played elo.

They are traditionally a very underpowered elo guild without the aid of guhmbo on the rare week he is unbanned.

In your case I would try and pick up kenny with your 10k and replace orlock with him, that should give you more of an edge with his ability.

sunday 12/12/2010

Nice deck but I cant afford it :L

saturday 11/12/2010

Darth(I really like darth 2)
Zero Dead


Got me to 1300 in 46 games! smiley

friday 10/12/2010

Nellie is very effective against non attack manips, but I don't know, maybe I'm too wary of SOAs. I use her in DTs though.

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