thursday 23/12/2010


Trying to make something out of both.
Feel free to comment and rate. Thanks! smiley

wednesday 22/12/2010

Last unnecessary comment, promise,
@saim923_hidef: just leave it, everyone is much tougher from behind a keyboard, and stop trying to get them to pity you, it shows weakness, and the internet tough guys prey on the young and the weak

Thx everyone for deck advice and ELO ratio input. Really helpful!! smileysmileysmiley

Your playing in random elo.. switch it to non random .. either that or you have no idea what your talking about


Please comment

What do you think about this deck?

All Stars/Vortex elo deck
rate and comment please

Thanks for all the feedback guys smiley

Unfortunately Skeelz are just too expensive... some of their prices are insane. I can't afford Hawkins or Dahlia either.
Yeah Replacing Aktara with Andsom has helped (although I miss those times where the opponent overpills when Aktara comes into play smiley).

Thanks everyone smiley

Oren to esmerelda
deebler to dwan
mira to hula
piotr to wolfgang
that'll run you you about 3.5k which isn't to bad

tuesday 21/12/2010

They are two clans that are crippled by sob, not unplayable mind you. I have found the most success using freaks with jungo. As with all clans that have abilities not directly tied to affecting the outcome of combat however, you may find the learning curve is less forgiving.

Threw something together with some extra clintz its turned out great for me, any opinions or advice on what you think could beef it up, I'm really enjoying this clan combo

monday 20/12/2010

Thats deck atually sucks...
...This should be better! smiley

I think it's just the same, before the game starts, the system has already calculated the output of the game

2 5*s not really needed...nightmare has some good 3 and 4*s, while their 5*s are not the best. Sure Orlok-Estalt combo is nice..but Estalt himself isn't that good IMO. Nistarok's min is too high. Therefore I suggest: Estalt -> Glorg, Nistarok -> Azgorth/Kenny, Sheitane -> Dieter/Sargh, Phyllis -> Pan. You don't want 4 2*s usually. If you want you can take out Orlok and put in Sargh/Dieter as well.

I used this deck for this week, so far so good.

12:24 Elo you beat malutiger, (6-0): 1076 ELO
12:19 Elo you beat nahuelmanda, Los Exiliados (9-0): 1061 ELO
12:15 Elo you beat Dalek Ld II, Basically Amazing (5-0): 1046 ELO
12:09 Elo you beat necoheart (6-1): 1032 ELO
12:05 Elo you drew with faya78, School furious and fun (4-4): 1016 ELO
12:01 Elo you won by timeout against zorro1337 (12-6): 1016 ELO

sunday 19/12/2010

My build is...



can u R&C what do i need, to get ELO grow faster!smiley

saturday 18/12/2010

deleted made a better version and got 1300 elo easy

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