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tuesday 21/12/2010

They are two clans that are crippled by sob, not unplayable mind you. I have found the most success using freaks with jungo. As with all clans that have abilities not directly tied to affecting the outcome of combat however, you may find the learning curve is less forgiving.

Threw something together with some extra clintz its turned out great for me, any opinions or advice on what you think could beef it up, I'm really enjoying this clan combo


monday 20/12/2010

Thats deck atually sucks...
...This should be better! smiley

I think it's just the same, before the game starts, the system has already calculated the output of the game

2 5*s not really needed...nightmare has some good 3 and 4*s, while their 5*s are not the best. Sure Orlok-Estalt combo is nice..but Estalt himself isn't that good IMO. Nistarok's min is too high. Therefore I suggest: Estalt -> Glorg, Nistarok -> Azgorth/Kenny, Sheitane -> Dieter/Sargh, Phyllis -> Pan. You don't want 4 2*s usually. If you want you can take out Orlok and put in Sargh/Dieter as well.

I used this deck for this week, so far so good.

12:24 Elo you beat malutiger, (6-0): 1076 ELO
12:19 Elo you beat nahuelmanda, Los Exiliados (9-0): 1061 ELO
12:15 Elo you beat Dalek Ld II, Basically Amazing (5-0): 1046 ELO
12:09 Elo you beat necoheart (6-1): 1032 ELO
12:05 Elo you drew with faya78, School furious and fun (4-4): 1016 ELO
12:01 Elo you won by timeout against zorro1337 (12-6): 1016 ELO

sunday 19/12/2010

My build is...



can u R&C what do i need, to get ELO grow faster!smiley

saturday 18/12/2010

deleted made a better version and got 1300 elo easy

The soa clans are frequently crippled, its kinda nice actually

Dalhia -> Selma. The Scubb-Selma combo is too good to pass up.
Downgrade Katan to Ulrich
Upgrade Spycee to Ector

That's the deck I use, it works out pretty well and has decent damage with Ulrich and Ector.

If you really want to keep another 4*, put Raeth instead of Katan, personally not a huge fan of Sting - he has too low damage. Kristin is a cheap alternative as well. You could try Spycee to Puff as well, I don't have Puff yet, so not sure how good that works.

First of all, thx for trying my deck, kinda sad, you lose 6 times. as an advice, against attack manipulation clan, you should pill on every card, at least 2. the main thing is to stop their main nuker by our nukers (shann, chlora or bodenpower). practically, shann can beat any 5 stars nuke they have. here is my track record.

15:05 Elo you won by timeout against lordkike, ♠♣♥♦ EsCaLeRa ReAl ♠♣♥♦ (6-9): 1306 ELO
15:00 Elo you won by forfeit against 50_cm-RR, Andromède (2-12): 1295 ELO
14:57 Elo you crushed -st0rm-, JUST URBUN IT (10-0): 1279 ELO
11:26 Elo you were annihilated by Nethermancer, Nightmare Warriors (2-16): 1263 ELO
11:22 Elo you lost against Inonomas, 2 Furious (2-smiley: 1276 ELO
11:19 Elo you beat Royal_Sports, Open Casket (8-2): 1286 ELO
11:14 Elo you crushed q w e r, veri72 (10-0): 1270 ELO
11:06 Elo you crushed AL-Optimistik, L'Armée de Lumière (10-0): 1257 ELO
10:57 Elo you won by timeout against jacey, URBAN MADNESS (12-4): 1237 ELO
10:51 Elo you lost against PA-on-tops, Piratas do Atlântico (0-9): 1222 ELO
02:19 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 matmagic, Rage Against Unfairs (6-6): 1231 ELO
00:33 Elo you beat Drac Moray (8-0): 1213 ELO
00:27 Elo you were annihilated by DL-Hiodes, Dark Legion (0-12): 1199 ELO
00:24 Elo you drew with Xavier Naidoo, Urban Bangbros Inc. (5-5): 1208 ELO
12:03 Elo you beat M A X I M U S (4-0): 1212 ELO
11:58 Elo you beat alpacino69, La Taverne de Dionysos (9-4): 1189 ELO

Catchy title haha, just had to look smiley

This is the decks I use for ELO smiley
From time to time smiley
Is it ok? Any thoughts


There mostly same types but Vortex is the thing right now smiley

Can anyone suggest any changes with this deck?
Belgosi SUCKS
thanks in advance!

I test out this deck today and the result is Elo 1107; 11 wins; 8 losses; 5 draw. its not bad for a 1st time user but maybe its just my lucky day.

now i know why Oshitsune is ban almost every week, i win almost everytime i draw him, the only time i loss is because i face SoA ability card. who know a 4 power card can be so dangerous.

friday 17/12/2010

Hmmm hasent happend to me yet

thursday 16/12/2010

Then make your deck so it is only 23-24 stars instead of 25, basically don't put any 5 star characters in your deck. Also my advice as for why you keep getting stuck into tie situations is to not conserve pills and go for that 2 hit ko. Bangers, the base cards in general, have high damage but low power unless they have their +2 power bonus. So you should generally always overpill compared to your opponent so your damage can go through. Basically playing at least 4-5 pills per card, unless you are using a dr or soa. Now Junkz have a +8 attack bonus. So playing 3+ pills per card is fine.

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