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tuesday 07/12/2010

Akendram ***
Bogdan ****
Olga ***
Pyro ****
C Wing **
Dagg ****
Deea ***
Neloe **

ELO Freaks and Vortex

monday 06/12/2010

Rate and comment, please (ELO deck week #49)

Tuff Turf

Criticism is welcome on the preset page. Thank you.

Hey 67 great Deck

You're not alone, I always use mono ulu and always get 1300+ smiley

I use Buck, Stanley, Shayna, Nanook, Gabrielle, Gaia, Janice, and lvl 1 Warren.

sunday 05/12/2010


Week of 12/5/2010

Rate/Comment please

Sak is among my favorite clans too, but I wouldn't use them this week. No DRs, too many SOAs.

What's so special about this? of course everybody loses.

I agree with tc kid

Why look for the answer to most things, when we allready know the answer to everything? : 42! =)

I personaly LOVE to play piranas smiley they are very good and more importanly fun to play smiley i play mostly normal though, donno if you play that or non-random.. anyways i use this deck in ELO normal, and have never had any probs getting in the 1300. Pillz trickz (donno how to get direct link to it.. but just search for it.. ) kinda one the expensive side.. 33k+ (thinking about maybe switching Ulrich for ansome when he is not baned)

Yes you need to remind me of that smiley beacuse i have been non-active for over a year smiley just started to play again last week smiley

saturday 04/12/2010


Improved version, works better imho

And I just love Eloxia smiley

friday 03/12/2010

I would change trish to nahomi. I really hate bruce, and nahomi will do well in this gheist heavy week.

You are forgetting Liam and Aigwon and all stops (there are 9). So as you can see there are 2 clans plus 11 or so other cards than can destroy draheera. None of those cards can do the same to jackie. Furthermore Jackie is way more powerful in a half. Comparing draheera to mighty jackie is simply ridiculous. I will give you that draheera is an above average card and in combination with the rest of her clan is OP. There are counters to the Gheist as a whole, but they are very few and thus the gheist limit deck diversity. However, individual members of the gheist can be dealt with with not too much trouble. EX: tula v. toro.

15 messages

Hit 1300 this week.

fun with a mono freak deck until about 1150 or so.
then switched to a half upper/half vortex for more fun. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1633647

thursday 02/12/2010

And is zlatar in the format election?

He was never perma banned in the first place

The real answer is freaks.
SOA with8 power
+2 pillz with 8 power
+10 attk with 6 power ( thats 2 stars*)
-2 power min.5 with 8 power
-6 attk min. 4 with 7 power

Strong base power with awesome ability.

Gone already smiley

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