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thursday 02/12/2010

He was never perma banned in the first place

The real answer is freaks.
SOA with8 power
+2 pillz with 8 power
+10 attk with 6 power ( thats 2 stars*)
-2 power min.5 with 8 power
-6 attk min. 4 with 7 power

Strong base power with awesome ability.

Gone already smiley

wednesday 01/12/2010

Thanks guys this is really helpful 

tuesday 30/11/2010

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gheist week
but rescue will be a counter but if you are too careful enough i suggest using pussycats

Plenty of Gheist around this week so im playing a piranas half deck and seen as though im not brilliant at piranas mono ive included a side of bagers. Please Rate and comment. Thanks


This is basically an Ashigaru gimmick deck for ELO. From what I've seen so far it is ludicrous to play because it makes the board completely even meaning the outcome = your skillz minimizing luck.

I planned this a long time ago getting all the pieces 1/1/10 so yea they were cheaper back then and ulrich did not exist. You guys have any Ashigaru decks.


I've always seen lao cr as more of a threat, with sob as a ability the damage is actually achievable

monday 29/11/2010

Gheist/pussycats deleted should easily get me over 1300 this week. Tell me what you think.

Lol, I understand what u mean, frustratingsmiley
Honestly, I would love to have another week with no SOA.

I have seen that pic befor

Still baffled at the fact that Levi, Rolph and Toro all managed to stay unbanned. >,>

On another note, Striker currently has the 4th most total votes.
Yeah, it's still early in the voting process, but it'll be fun to see how many votes get wasted this time.
Quick, someone take a guess!~~~
You'd think people would have learned not to vote for the perma-banned card after last time~

sunday 28/11/2010

Thanks for the advice, i pulled a kolos my one and only pack

You said this week was a fail and boring, i will admit my opinion isnt the absolute opposite, i just found this week interesting and i dont think that leaving uranus and sigma was a bad idea at all

Put Freaks with them because Wolfgang is not Getting ELO Banned next Week

Please check out my preset

Woww! thank you so much for the suggestions guys! I'll consider all of them(:

**No 5*'s reducing the chance of getting low BP.

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