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wednesday 17/11/2010

I think i'll like the next week. It's like way back when every week 2 complete clans were banned.

Actually I think they should try that again. Ban the 2-3 most used clans for the next weeksmiley

Thank you this is the best i thought it was based on clanssmiley

Looks like a bunch of people who bought Tsubane in this thread. Of course she'll get banned...

I have been running freaks-jungo with some success (1200 with little trouble) and have been relatively untouched by bans.

tuesday 16/11/2010

I did a Bangers/Junkz hybird and got dealt Blaaster, Cholra, Rowdy, and Gibson, needless to say I won everytime this hand came up.

If i tried to write a comment even half that size I would just get BL lol.

Yes, exactly smiley^

@ Darhart

I just did too. Rolph + Z3r0 D34d > Kerozinn + Tsubame

Really why do we need to know that? Did you seriously think we'd give a dam?

Flame on. I don't really like flaming but its his fault he posted a thread like this. >.>

monday 15/11/2010


Taking the advantage of Rolph in this week's elo.
Strong fire power with C Blade chosen to counter the ever popular GHEIST this week.

Please rate up if you like it!


How cheap are you looking for? Week 46 has some strange staff and player bans but this deck is only around 17k.


sunday 14/11/2010

saturday 13/11/2010

UPDATE: Wen ur life goes over 19, and is glitch made it do that, it reduces by one. Also, the extra damage doesnt count in in missions smiley

I did some modification, here is the final version.


Started off with this: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1602350

As the opening comment says it was based off of a deck by punch it, changed pieter out for pietra. After 1250 I had trouble winning with the deck, used this to get me the rest of the way.


The last few points were a pain, I would get to 1288+ several times, then lose one or two games and have to get it back again. Good stuff, looks like next week will be back to normal, although it looks like several clans got the ban stick much harder than others. My goal for next couple weeks is if I get to 1300 early in the week shoot for 1400+, if it takes till Fri/sat like this week to just ride out the rest of the week and get my credits smiley.

"So you think Lost Hog, Kinjo, Zinfrid and Timber in the same deck is possible to put in ELO format? "

Chan, Yumi, 1* Unagi, and 1* Windy Mor...
So it is possible, actually~


its pretty gud, will be updated for future weeks smiley
jungo really needs pill manip and defeat abilities.

friday 12/11/2010

I'm glad that your Leviatonn and Toro were banned, as I don't own either of them, lol. Although it has forced a lot of the SoA players to use Roots, which is a decided pain in my GHEIST behind.

thursday 11/11/2010

This is a deck I came up with last night, haven't been playing long, but I have had pretty good success with this. Please comment and offer any suggestions. I posted before, but i accidentally locked the message, and could not see any comments.

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