monday 18/10/2010

This Deck will reign supreme

Thanks smiley. I hope ghumbo won't be banned next week(tho theres a small chance that that will happen smiley). I probably cant finish elo this week cos i have to study for my exams next week. Please vote for keep for ghumbo!!! XP

I was using luminescenes but they banned
marina any ideas on a card that could replace her or another deck i really need a good deck and i have about 20000 clintz without selling any cards please help

1313 ELO! Milovan does not suck!

iSuicide has suggested Sharon, but Milovan makes a more decent bluff and can remove 6 damage.
Give this preset some love, my other ones have failed miserably and got deleted. XD
Until somebody told me that I should post my presets and recieve green faces to keep my preset from being deleted.
Thank you.

sunday 17/10/2010

Could it be that Chiara's coming back? smiley

This deck has brought me multiple times to 1300, BUT Sigma will be banned in a week. What do I do then? Like I said, I was considering Cyb Lhia, but I'm not sure if her poison of 2 will be enough to win with a low hand... Should I then give it a try or think of a completely new strategy?? And if I decide for Vortex, should I still use Hattori/Neloe or go with Dregn/Yumi? I'd miss damage reduction, but it would add some safety and more ko opportunities... What should I do?

I need help on this deck, deleted. Thanks.


use this one smiley

saturday 16/10/2010


I'm using Uppers. I like them more than Montana, and Sakhrom have a worse bonus.

friday 15/10/2010

If you are heading for top ten or better, ELO is a no go, simply because people take their time in elo, which is a serious obstacle to a DT player. If you can´t play twenty matches in an hour you will not get top ten. If you can play more you have a bigger chance of reaching high.

Hi Guys,

This is my 2nd Elo preset.
Objective is 2 hit pressure and frequent SOA.

Pls rate up if you like it!

Here is the deck deleted
Tell me what you think and no i don't own a jay

thursday 14/10/2010

Please rate and comments for improvements.

Currently using it for this week elo, highest point is 1220

wednesday 13/10/2010

Break You

I think it's worth noting that somebody scored over 1400 ELO with this. I didn't myself because I haven't been playing much but hey, I'm still proud of the preset.

Only 1 thing with this deck is it lacks a bit of balance, i would recommend adding dagg in there

Because people banned them? Kinda obvious.

Hi smiley

This is my ELO deck:

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