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tuesday 28/09/2010

This week, Roots are dead, so I suggest you run STOP:Jungo

I feel your pain, the problem with piranas is they dont have high damage, and low starts. Only Akira fits that bill but his low power and courage hurts him.

"Spycee actually won me two matchess today. how? I used him to overcome Oshitsune both times, preventing seven dammage and keeping me ahead. I agree that this is not a strong argument to keep him, but it proves that he does have uses (he would be equally effective against Caelus, which is a pretty funny thought)."

Yes, there are power manipulators he can handle, but they're too few and far between in comparison to the abundance of 7-8s. Indeed, even 6s.

Spycee remains far too situational in this regard.

monday 27/09/2010


Deck's base: Survivability, not KO
Deck's weakness: SoA (wich i believe will appear a bit less than usual this week as 1 of the SoA clans (Roots) is mostly ban)

None the less it's pretty rediculous that we can vote against Mindy and Wendel this week while neither Copper nor Dregn are even on the list. I already knew which decks will rule the next 2 weeks by a long shot....

But that would be 26 stars!!!

sunday 26/09/2010

saturday 25/09/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1519566 - Mono Vortex deck. My build smiley I got all the cards by lvl 14 you should be able to do the same.

Probably true, i fear the same thing, i already invested all my votes in saving lou, maybe enough people did the samesmiley

You did start at 1000
you lost the match and dropped 11 points


this is a bangers-pussycats combination

pussycats are known for their fillers..

i tried using a simple filler in this deck (not yayoi,she is needed at full)

i like to see your comments..smiley

If you enter a good guild that holds competitive ELO events, your game can improve a lot. I consider joining a guild one of the essential components of this game anyways.

friday 24/09/2010

deleted R & C please.

You probably won't have to worry about Roots next week. It looks like Lou is getting a ban, and Noodile and Rico are getting temp bans.

You might see them in the half deck, but almost certainly not in mono.

I'll be interested to see what happens to GHEIST next week.


This deck is very useful it helped me alot. It got me 1150 - 1300 ELO

thursday 23/09/2010

Another Great Budget Deck

Awesome ELO deck in less than 10k. smiley
Rate and comment! smiley

Yes. But surprisingly Oshitsune didn't get a temp ban.


Uranus (Murray if she's banned)

There's no reason not to put Sigma and Muze in the same deck, they actually work well together. And I hate noemismiley She's weak against both attack manips and SOAs, which means there's like a 25% chance she'll be any use in a game.

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