thursday 19/08/2010

I always prefer Tomas over Aylen. Aylen is just too obvious and since Skeelz have overall low damage if there's an Aylen in your hand your opponent's whole strategy will become "get rid of Aylen". I agree on Greem over Corvus, she is a great bluffer and if her poison does make it through your opponent is forced to hit you hard to make up for it. Corvus is better for bi-clans.

wednesday 18/08/2010


old one got deleted some how

Ummm I'm kinda sorta REALLY strapped for cash but any suggestions for a Pirana Elo deck would be appreciated

With this deck you will need a clan with good 4 and 5 star cards because you have 17 stars left for 4 cards.
maybe Ulu Watu: Stanly, Buck, Lulabee, and Nanook. A little unbalanced on the side of Ulu watu.

Rate and comment please

any advice welcome

I have 3 new decks


since i'm almost complete my montana mission, i want to start doing my other mission, from all my card in the collection, i'm able to build 3 decks for mission. So i want to see which deck is the cheapest to fixs so i can begin doing mission while playing Elo.


Good but changing Nistorak to Oshitsune and juicy Lord to Vermyn N may be best for this week.

tuesday 17/08/2010

For me that would be selma to tyd and nimestiec to corrina and wakai to murray.

Started using Roots not that long ago, i like him, but I wouldn't mind some suggestions on my deck. Right now got:
And then Hugo. Im strapped for cash and 2 stars over ELO any suggestions would be nice.

I disagree. Imba decks work fine, and have been proven to work fine. Lou has been a high end competitive clan in the new Elo, proven by her current ban.

Lou is a very capable card BECAUSE of her 8 damage. You can manipulate that threat to your advantage, and is exactly why so many decks have used her in higher tier elo recently.

Your preference might be balanced, but that's certainly not the only effective way to play and it's been proven both ways.

monday 16/08/2010

Congratz on getting the cr smiley

This is my first elo presets

Comments please...smileysmiley

Yea pretty much i didnt read youre last sentence lol my b

sunday 15/08/2010

Those r the 4 la junta stsples people arhue over 2 and 4 stars sfter that though.
the other 4 in my mono r thourmand dean wardog and gatline.

You need a higher score this week

You hover youre mouse over the game, then you hover over Game modes, then hover over Elo then click elo format elections.

La Bangers Elo Supremacy

anything I should change? It looks solid to me, going to be trying it out a lot in the coming days, but it is late and I cannot get started tonight. If you see any flaws please let me know, but I think this deck will do wonders for me with the new elo format bans. especially since everyone has had a chance to ban the op cards for next week a little more evenly than did last week.
Well thanks for your time, green faces appreciated, red faces acceptable but i prefer explanations : )

As I said on the deck. This kind of thing clutters the preset page and could confuse newbies.

If you didn't find the deck first, you should try find one that's not taken.

Grats on the win.

That deck looks decent to me. I have been using a 5/3 with Pussy cats and 3 of another clan this weeks (since I don't have Emeth or much Jungo) and it has been pretty decent. Ditha and Muse are both great when most of you deck can damage reduce.

I don't use Ella though. I find her to be awful. Her extra reduction is only useful now and then (though perhaps it is better this week with all the La Junta) and her stats are low enough that there is rarely a possibility of a surprise attack with her.

On the other hand Brittany will usually force an extra pill out of your opponent and since she has decent potential for a small surprise attack your opponent will often put an extra pill or two against her.

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