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saturday 21/08/2010

K thanks smiley i'll try vortex smiley

Very nice combo! smiley
Although I would change Cyb Lhia to Neloe, Kenny to Pan and Glorg --> Nistarok. Good luck smiley

The only staple missing is Smokey Cr and yeah they're great in elo

Is it Sunday? I'm on US Central Time (UTC -6).

I like the first one better. I think having Grudj, Olga, Baldovino, and Bogdan in the same deck is awesome, and along with Murray you have five 8 power guys, so even against SoA or SoB decks, you are strong.

Interesting combination. smiley
I would suggest these changes though; Archie --> Sentogan, Onik --> Gibson, Archibald --> Dean/Wardog and Bryan --> Naginata. Lots of changes smiley Good luck smiley

Very good deck, gheist and nightmare are excellent choices for this week. I would replace Luba with Z3r0 D34d, Lin Xia with Wardom or Xu52, and Sargh with Azgroth or Glorg. Have fun. smiley

Great deck for this week. smiley
My only suggestion would be to consider stanly as an alternative to lulabee. His 8 damage allows you to always be in the game and can ko with everyone in your deck. Good luck smiley

Try Piranas/Vortex. Both has amazing pill manipulation abilities. Get a Tyd, you need one.

Vortex: 12*
C Wing
Cyb Lhia

Piranas: 13*
Selma or Dahlia (if not elo banned)

I've been using Grudj, Bogdan, Olga and Soushee this last week. It has been working just fine I guess. Then I make another strong half deck with any other clan and that's it smiley love their cards for the solid power and good abilities, but the bonus only works once

friday 20/08/2010

IDK how you feel about the way they are doing the new ELO banns but if you hate it as much as I do take a look at this deck and BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION, and please add your input!

This probably goes in the opposite direction that yours is going, but I like this combination because of the phenomenal 5*s in GHEIST.

I'd change junkz half to Veenyle,Tremorh,Onik and Haze. It gets you more power, solid damage + nice abilities.

for bangers, graff and b ball make great pair for 4*

thursday 19/08/2010

This deck for poor players like starters
comment it pls

I checked my battle history and found that mine last from 5-7 minutes.

6 does seem to be the average for ELO.

Well when i first started playing elo about a moth ago she was fine and for the hole month of augest shes been banned???
B4 there was without a doubt no problem fitting her into my decks for the first couple weeks.
will she come back or will she end up being a banned cards like kolos or Marco????

Very good deck smiley
I would only change Alexei --> Robb, Mira --> Olga, Stacey --> Jessie, and Esmeralda --> Piotr. Good luck!

I always prefer Tomas over Aylen. Aylen is just too obvious and since Skeelz have overall low damage if there's an Aylen in your hand your opponent's whole strategy will become "get rid of Aylen". I agree on Greem over Corvus, she is a great bluffer and if her poison does make it through your opponent is forced to hit you hard to make up for it. Corvus is better for bi-clans.

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