sunday 08/08/2010

i have this deck.. i don't know if this is good or i'm just really bad..
please give advices on how i can improve my elo or
how i can improve my deck..


Dracata you are so right about Montana. If it werent for banning of great cards Uppers would rape montana face. If you want to see how bad some decks could get play your dts and dms. There are the decks that run without elo bans.

Just saying some cards are good but i pulled a kerry, alec, marco, lea hand in rescue i problem.

Quick tip vortex isnt that good yet.

saturday 07/08/2010

im at 1315 atm its a Freaks/Roots deck


YES YES YES is wat i say wen i win with this deck smiley

Allstars Ghiest and Nightmare have money cards as well, not sure which has highest average, but I think playable card-wise those are best value for money (but Gheist/Nightmare have a lot of 200 clintz cards too)

Im hoping the changes happen regularly and are more drastic... next week's list is a bit too similar to this weeks

Taht deck isnt elo it is 30* but without bridget yeah pretty good mono-rescue is good this week w/e

friday 06/08/2010

Have you tried dropping sargh to Phyllis, Sheitane or Hel and either Dieter to Kenny or Azel, Azgroth, or Glorg to Nistarok.

thursday 05/08/2010

Unable to use the original ELO deck, I made two slight changes in response to the ELO bans.
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I'm going to admit I was wrong Shadowcouncil. I took mono-Jungo out for a spin last night. I do not believe now that they will be a solid choice to get up past 1300. Perhaps a better player than I could do it, but you're correct, Rescue was just too much.

Jungo has a lot of power and attack manipulation. I thought it would be enough but sadly it was not. They also tend to have solid printed power and damage and a bonus that lets them work around Yookie and the other Roots DR choices. Sadly that made little difference either.

I can vouch that once you get past 1250, you're pretty much only seeing Rescue. I ran into a few non-Rescue decks, like Sarkhom half decks with random other stuff, but I'm seeing a lot more Rescue now than even Roots.

Piranas is probably your best choice to "meta" your way to the top.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Im using a slight variation to my normal pussycats deck and doing just as good as ever with it.
Lousise Ella Muze Brittany + Jautya Sigma Murray Corrina

So long as i draw at least 2 PC then Roots are definitely beatable.

It looks pretty decent to me.

I considered replacing Draheera with Wardom and Pan with Eadh, but that seems a bit too imbalanced and three revenge abilities doesn't look good. Although Anibal and Wardom can still function without it, just not to their full potential.

With Bristone and Leviatonn banned, the rest of the GHEIST three stars aren't all that great. I think Wardom and Z3r0 D34d would make a better combo than any three star and Anibal.

For Nightmare two stars, Phyllis, Mawpin, and Eadh are all good choices for different situations. Eadh is probably the most versatile, but I like Phyllis the most.

If your looking for a mono SOB deck then I suggest following shadowcouncil's advice on the deck he posted above. If your looking for a good SOA and SOB then for this week I would suggest using a Gheist / Nightmare combo. That is if your wiling to use two clans in a deck. There is already a Gheist / Nightmare thread going on so look there if your interested.

I'm currently using
Imaginary Enemy

and from the looks of how elo will be the next few weeks at least I'm probably going to be sticking to this deck for awhile.

wednesday 04/08/2010

Let know if it was helpful

Assignment From the Boss

Not my deck since there is no spagitti i replace with pino 1 star

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