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monday 09/08/2010

I did try them i didnt like um

The most obvious switch is Thormund in for Winston. Thormund is practically a must in mono-La Junta, and winning the round will block a lot more than 3 damage min 3. Also, Winston's 6 power without manipulation is just too low to scare anyone.

Other than that, your deck looks pretty solid. Pay attention to the decks you're facing. Heavy damage decks suggest the introduction of Jane Ramba for a bit of DR (probably for Bruce, who's basically just a Wardog plus one damage after all). If you're meeting a lot of SOA, consider replacing Trish with Nahomi. Or you might want to mix it up with Archibald if pillz manipulation is your style.

With the relative weakness of SOA clans, there seem to be quite a few decks with strong abilities running around (Jungo, La Junta, Freaks, etc). Alternatively, extra damage never hurts for Montana. I suggest one of Vito/Donnie and one of Simon/Milovan (yes, Simon, he's much more useful these days).

How's this look?

Greesh is an awful card, Puddin. He absolutely cannot stand up in Elo mode. Andsom fares a lot better, but if you can avoid him it might be best.

To the OP:
Why the imbalance? 4/4 is much more efificent than 5/3.

IMO, change
sting to Selma
Katan to Scorpica
Ronald to Niva
Borss to Pegh or Mindy

How'd you get to lv 40 and not play Elo yet? Lol

I've practiced gehist roots and piranhas my whole UR "career" and im practically no good with any other clan so itll be harder until i can adjust smiley but im starting to like freakssmiley

Life gap then aok. lif manip, throw in uranus to make sure ur opp doesn't close the gap

I just made this and went 3-0 it works quite well
New DR splash?


sunday 08/08/2010

... homage to the Old school ELO style of playing when you *hit 'em hard, see them try and close the gap ... gg*

~sTr33T sTandRdS~

note: at that time Jackie, Lamar, Graksmxxt, Jackie, Wee Lee, Tanaereva, Zatman, Lamar etc were free to roam the streets of ELO. Plus I'm not counting the new ELO bans or the new cards / clans smiley

Rate this up pleasesmiley

i have this deck.. i don't know if this is good or i'm just really bad..
please give advices on how i can improve my elo or
how i can improve my deck..


Dracata you are so right about Montana. If it werent for banning of great cards Uppers would rape montana face. If you want to see how bad some decks could get play your dts and dms. There are the decks that run without elo bans.

Just saying some cards are good but i pulled a kerry, alec, marco, lea hand in rescue i won....no problem.

Quick tip vortex isnt that good yet.

saturday 07/08/2010

im at 1315 atm its a Freaks/Roots deck


YES YES YES is wat i say wen i win with this deck smiley

Allstars Ghiest and Nightmare have money cards as well, not sure which has highest average, but I think playable card-wise those are best value for money (but Gheist/Nightmare have a lot of 200 clintz cards too)

Im hoping the changes happen regularly and are more drastic... next week's list is a bit too similar to this weeks

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