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sunday 01/08/2010

Another vortex preset helping me climb the elo ladder yet again. Try it out!!!

I call it deleted

deck fix and advice are welcome.

i haven't been making deck for long but i can decks that function and dont have many bad hands!
i make these presets in the hope to get as high as they can but i know this deck can go far!
The Inner Outter Feeling
so please rate and comment and tell me what you think smiley

I am using this before:

Ricardo is an awful DR. He can only reduce to a 4, which is a pretty large amount of damage to let through.

Either of the two you listed will do.

But there is still a chance the game give you 2,1,1,1...

The idea is to pick any clan. This only works in mono, or with a leader. use four 3 star cards, two 4 star cards, and one 2 star card. If you want to fit in a 5 star or a leader you can allways substitute.

I believe all stars can have a powerful mono deck and definatly great half decks.
the mono deck im working on is such
loma or asporov (im thinking chessboy)
oyoh or essie or el gringo
and a filler card: maybe hawkins noel(unless u want to have loma and asporov instead of a 5 star)
or cesare

second mono:
5 star

this is my least favorite combo

half decks:

stacy or ashley

because of the extreme nerfing of geust people will be exscpecting less soa

half 2:

because of less soa availible cards like skrumxxt will become the elo powerhouses

which do u think will be the best option?
what all star 5star is best: essie, el grino, oyoh, erton, hammer
which 4 star alexei, loma, or asporov.
what is a good 2 star filler?
which clan will make the best half deck combo?

saturday 31/07/2010

Fang pi will still suck don't get me wrong there bad before so how a few banned cards will change that every body is gonna go with the alternatives to there favorite's which are a bit worst but still better than most fpc striker to Alexei etc etc you maybe wondering why I am under estimating them Most of there solid cards are cr's its not like everybody is gonna pop out there lost hog's and kinjo 's and start throwing otk all over the place.


Sakrohm Nightmare/Piranas, take your pick

Not sure if you're still looking for a deck, but here's one I've been using for awhile. The price usually hovers around 6k.


friday 30/07/2010

Ok , change that to 3.4k clintz[just won a large of 2k] and i also have aurora , suzie from a pack too .

2* deebler


Let the door hit you on the way out.

... Just kidding.

Well with the first one its 1232 right now but i hope 2 get 2 1300 this week i was pretty close but i lost a few in a row

I find andsome 2 be a decent replacement no where near his effectiveness but decent

thursday 29/07/2010


I name it Elo Maffia: The Returns. I have no idea If it will works yet since i cant test it (Eyrik is currently ban). I got this deck idea when i got beat by Eyrik + All Star deck one day, and then i look at Mona and Prince Jr.. and Fabio, it may not work as well as Eyrik + All Star But when Eyrik + Mona, Prince Jr or Fabio (originally i'm going with Don, but -4 atks isnt as good as -2 power, if only Don is -4 power). it may just be as deadly.. plus i think now my deck isnt as weak to SOA as it used to be (still weak because of Oscar). Maybe it still have problem with SOB. Hopefully it will be easier to deal with Uppers and Sakrohm.

IF only Fabio's effect is the same as Mona and Prince Jr XD

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