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wednesday 28/07/2010


Can you help me suggest anything else for my new ELO deck?

~ Blueberryfun

Wow ........ Caelus , but that makes him much more vulnerable to SOA

tuesday 27/07/2010


My Deck


monday 26/07/2010

Let's not use the term "newbie friendly" anymore, because people see the term and assume that I want newbies to be able to do as well as the experienced players in Elo. That's not what I mean. It boils down to this: I feel all staple Elo cards should be equally accessible to all players. And by equally accessible I mean, if a non-newbie can get it in a pack, then so should a newbie, If a newbie has to pay a high price for it, then so should a non-newbie.

@vexedvox: I don't want cards that newbies can't afford to be banned. I want staple cards that newbies have to pay so much more for than non-newbies, and all the non-newbies seem to have, to be banned. He doesn't get many weekly ban votes because he's not that strong, but I'm suggesting his perma ban for reasons other than his strength.

@Agito_King: I know life isn't fair, but it's worth trying to make it fairer, isn't it? I hope I'm not seen as throwing a tantrum. smiley

@wasteroftime: What was the price of Smokey Cr before he became Cr? Let's estimate by taking the price of the most expensive non-Cr common in the game (I believe that's Sledg) at 3K. Therefore, long time players can build your standard Piranas half deck for 12K. For a newbie, building a comparable half deck like your Skeelz and All Stars examples takes twice that. That's a massive rate of inflation, no.

OK, 70 posts later, I hope I've made my case. I'm going to stop beating the dead horse now. Thanks for the responses, all. smiley

Ewwww....ahhhhh....TessaCr haha Nice deck. Never really like Sentinel but this gives me new appreciation for them. smiley

Here goes a budget deck I'm working with...
Better Luck Next Time

sunday 25/07/2010

I wanted to post my new Pussycats deck, The price of beauty!
please rate and comment, there are a lot of options that can change it but i took what i could make
so please dont say to many changes lol


saturday 24/07/2010

Odds are, you were either in a random room or you miscalculated.

Well, even if this is the case, roots are pretty much the cheapest clan so it's not like just about anyone can't play them.

friday 23/07/2010

Use Freaks with Spiaghi
Baldavio is an almost staple unless you use a leader

So i use Nistarok instead of Ghumbo and i think the biggest problem in this deck is me.. I just suck at ELO mode

thursday 22/07/2010

Good but shakara will be banned next week

1330 in elo so far, Check It Out!!

Yeah I linked that horribly..just click the circus stadium part. 1403047 is the preset number

Here's a good half deck smiley

Well, both clans vortex and skeelz are unique in their style of playing, cause you dont have a simple -power or -attack, they are very tactical.
So maybe you try to use another halfdeck, so its simpler for you to play smiley

wednesday 21/07/2010

Agree with Zhudac

Phaserhawk: thats a very good point.. I support that

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