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friday 30/07/2010


I find andsome 2 be a decent replacement no where near his effectiveness but decent

thursday 29/07/2010


I name it Elo Maffia: The Returns. I have no idea If it will works yet since i cant test it (Eyrik is currently ban). I got this deck idea when i got beat by Eyrik + All Star deck one day, and then i look at Mona and Prince Jr.. and Fabio, it may not work as well as Eyrik + All Star But when Eyrik + Mona, Prince Jr or Fabio (originally i'm going with Don, but -4 atks isnt as good as -2 power, if only Don is -4 power). it may just be as deadly.. plus i think now my deck isnt as weak to SOA as it used to be (still weak because of Oscar). Maybe it still have problem with SOB. Hopefully it will be easier to deal with Uppers and Sakrohm.

IF only Fabio's effect is the same as Mona and Prince Jr XD

I've recently acquired a Gheist/Nightmare deck aswell. It has Leviatonn and Toro this week, i'll swap those out for the Wardom en Arkn i have lying around next week. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1415321

I'm by no means a pro though so any comments on that deck are welcome smiley

Yeah. Next week will be very interesting. We can go clan by clan and look at what was lost, but what will be the most interesting will be to try to deduce just how the meta game and balance between clans will shift.

For example, Piranas got a good clubbing in that list, and Nightmare came off light. I imagine folks will use votes to further hobble Nightmare. If SoB clans are weak, then SoA clans could do really well. And any environment that leads to SoA clans doing well favors Skeelz. But at the same time if SoB clans are suffering, clans with large attack manipulation are in a good spot too....

And so on and so on.

Laugh it up this week folks. Next week will be wild.

Hello Elo players!
Wanda, Gwen, Yayoi and Charlie go out from Elo. Striker, Marina and Jessie too.

But we have another variant smiley


Rate and comment.

Im using a montana/jungo deck right now

Tnx but i dont have gil, rowdy and buck

Well untill it resseructs as a zombie, its dead smiley

Thanks i usually do non random anyway but just wondering

wednesday 28/07/2010

You missed Edd and Mona on the foundation list for the Montana
They are staples in a lot of Montana decks.

In my opinion Jessie.
I mean she is just really strong for a two star.
Now if she was 7/3 that would a direct perma ban right there.
But i guess the fact that she is a 7/2 is a kind of turn off and makes her get overlooked at times.

Now I give it up to play with Skeelz in ELO. I think finite is right that the opponents have two bonuses on each card that give Skeelz a disadvantage. You may only have a chance with Caelus in deck, but he is mostly banned from ELO.

So I sold my complete Skeelz Deck and try my luck with Piranha.


Can you help me suggest anything else for my new ELO deck?

~ Blueberryfun

Wow ........ Caelus , but that makes him much more vulnerable to SOA

tuesday 27/07/2010


My Deck


monday 26/07/2010

Let's not use the term "newbie friendly" anymore, because people see the term and assume that I want newbies to be able to do as well as the experienced players in Elo. That's not what I mean. It boils down to this: I feel all staple Elo cards should be equally accessible to all players. And by equally accessible I mean, if a non-newbie can get it in a pack, then so should a newbie, If a newbie has to pay a high price for it, then so should a non-newbie.

@vexedvox: I don't want cards that newbies can't afford to be banned. I want staple cards that newbies have to pay so much more for than non-newbies, and all the non-newbies seem to have, to be banned. He doesn't get many weekly ban votes because he's not that strong, but I'm suggesting his perma ban for reasons other than his strength.

@Agito_King: I know life isn't fair, but it's worth trying to make it fairer, isn't it? I hope I'm not seen as throwing a tantrum. smiley

@wasteroftime: What was the price of Smokey Cr before he became Cr? Let's estimate by taking the price of the most expensive non-Cr common in the game (I believe that's Sledg) at 3K. Therefore, long time players can build your standard Piranas half deck for 12K. For a newbie, building a comparable half deck like your Skeelz and All Stars examples takes twice that. That's a massive rate of inflation, no.

OK, 70 posts later, I hope I've made my case. I'm going to stop beating the dead horse now. Thanks for the responses, all. smiley

Ewwww....ahhhhh....TessaCr haha Nice deck. Never really like Sentinel but this gives me new appreciation for them. smiley

Here goes a budget deck I'm working with...
Better Luck Next Time

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