thursday 17/06/2010

I like it but for elo i'm level 19 and the best deck i have ever used HAS to be this one For the first time i have reached 1400 elo


give comment and rate

You were in random

Methane + Toro / Leviatonn is the best 2 hit KO EVER smiley

wednesday 16/06/2010

2HKO is good if you are playing La Junta but I think it is pretty hard with other clans since so many people play damage reducers in ELO.

I think PEN geoj is right though, you want to pay attention to what is banned and unbanned for the week and adjust/change your deck based on it. I usually put Mira in my freaks deck when Toro is on the lose, for example, since GHEIST end up being super popular.

There is my cheap elo deck
can you comment what it need

I was thinking of picking up Jungo, but i am unsure which cards to buy and if i shoud pair it with Pussycats or Freaks. i have almost all of Pusscats and Freaks (excpet crs). which do think i should go with? thanks!

I would change phyliss to mawpin. but beside that it is good

Well an equal power card with a bonus or ability + x attack or + x power or -x opponent attack, - x opponent power beats them easily and if they have used those cards up or they may just ditch their weakest card or use a damage reducer, so when i SAY a man down I mean a leader doesent win in combat that much, they help your other cards to win, but its hard trying to win with only 3 cards.

Please rate/comment I am interested in opinions.

for week 6/13/10

tuesday 15/06/2010

For a ELO Piranas deck what is the best leeder
Ambre Eyrik Hugo

Good deck. Copper is vulnerable to the many SoA in ELO, though. All those Confidence/Revenge cards makes you predictible, which is bad (that's why I'd lose Manfred, even though it's good).

To admit, this is an extremely general description that leaves people with only the possible clans...

Morphun or Eyrik
Jane Ramba lvl2

Just, the problem, you need more reductors. But now, la junta have just jane ramba...
Bruce for trish, because Roots and Gheist are often played.


Uppers really shine in T2 so id scrap the uppers for elo but ur deck looks alright to me

You still have some beginner cards. they're to get you started playing and hooked into the game. When it comes down to it though you will get stomped a lot with them.

Un67 preset has a roots half that is dirt cheep and effective till the end game. Absolute best investment for any beginner would be to get those. Mix and match them with any other clan (rescue not recommended)

monday 14/06/2010

I run FPC half deck semi-regularly during the week

Kerozinn Nakata Fei and Chan make a high powered half deck that can win rounds and maintain pill advantage. (Kuei over Kerozinn works as others have said)

the problem with it is matching with another clan that can really benefit from the damage made by your FPC half
Chan's 3 damage and Nakata's 5 damage are awkward to work with.
the 8 damage threat from Kerozinn is huge.
youd need to pair the FPC half with either a defensive halfdeck (Pussycats, Roots, Sahkrom) or with another clan that will 2HKO with a lot of their cards.... so cards with 4 to 7 damage are best.... All Stars and Bangers come to mind.

i personally run this deck of peace&list

The elo tornament is still reseting....
you usually have to wait a while for it to restart

sunday 13/06/2010

I just want to say your advice was like a bolt of lightening smiley, I just won the last 4 elo matches cleanly using it. The deck looks quite a lot different, but I took everything you said to heart and built around it, so thanks again!

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