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thursday 27/05/2010

@BesucherXia: Uppers have a lot of Oshitsune counters. There's Wayne Stark, Rubie etc.

Wondering if I should replace Danea or platinum and with who. Thanks smiley

If you are really dead set on using rescue then sell some of your "less used" cards and get up enough for aurora or hax both are excellent 5 stars and both their price on market is about 6.7k. Oh and the players choose the bans lol well except for the staff bans send me a message if you want and let me know what cards you are willing to sell Ill do my best to give you a good deal.

wednesday 26/05/2010

Great deck

I think it's a pretty good deck. Impressed me. Good job.

I remember using Klaus as a 1-star when Randy was extremely popular. Free 5 damages!

monday 24/05/2010

sunday 23/05/2010

I wanted to create well balanced Jungo+Skeelz ELO deck, this is what I created:



I know that I´m not good at creating decks, so I ask how would you improve it? (Don´t forget to post reason, why I should change card X for card Y)

Using any clans but Montanas and Roots and Jungo

saturday 22/05/2010

Piranas with Eyrik? Personally, I'm not sure that's the best idea. smiley I guess it works, though, with cards like Tula, Tyd, etc., and he IS less predictable than Ambre. I'd still prefer Morphun, Eklore, or even Hugo over him, though.

@Agito: They have different usages though. Bangers has high damage cards and, coupled with their bonus, make some quick matches. Piranas, on the other hand, are about winning rounds. You're right, it takes a lot of experience to wield one effectively. You need to have a general guideline on how 90% of the enemy will pill against your cards, how to sneak in an attack and take either the pillz advantage or the health advantage, or, if you're lucky, both! Practice is key with the Piranas.

You can make a pretty solid half deck with FPC, but like the others said, they aren't as good in mono clan

I agree with Lord Cristian. Clans with some type of attack or power manipulation are a nice way to ease you into learning the game better.
While Roots are a great clan for ELO, they are more difficult than others to play because they don't have a bonus that gives you some sort of attack or power advantage.

friday 21/05/2010

Rolph for sure. Wardom is too predictable and if you face other GHEIST or Roots decks (which is pretty likely in ELO) you wont be able to use it anyway

I just made this one since it's similar to something I used when I first started.

Very Affordable Beginners Deck

On weeks like this one when there are lots of SOA's, you might consider switching Buba for Greow if you can make afford it

I prefer Ficcnasso over filomena, and will replace donnie with vito. that way you are less vulnerable to SOA and less limited by courage. veccio could be replaced by mona, but thats not for beginner.

thursday 20/05/2010

Once i get a few more suggestions, ill revise this then send in a new guide

wednesday 19/05/2010

I forgot about URnerd's thread..silly me..lol i'm closing thissmiley

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