friday 25/07/2014

^What he said. Calliope and Ector are a great combo and I used Calliope until I switched to Scubb

Minerva is always nice tho and Plunk> Hemdall in ELO. Lorna is also a good option over Dounia because she helps vs GHIEST as an SOA, versus Kitties as DR, etc. Of course since you have Chiara and Sandro, and NEED a DR, look into Spaghi.

wednesday 23/07/2014

Yep. I think Rescue definitely needs a solid 7-powered card to replace him...

monday 21/07/2014

Congrats!!! I'd look into adding Ongh n Pegh or Mindy for Moguera and Scopica. But it kind of depends on ur playstyle. Anyway, keep up the good work

Looks good man, thanks

wednesday 16/07/2014


Thought I'd test run this deck. Very solid, but Sean is nagging me as to whether he fits.
Maybe Dave too, not so sure.
Thoughts? Opinions?

tuesday 15/07/2014

No offense, but you wanna be in the top 100 at the END of the week. smiley

sunday 13/07/2014

deleted really nice elo deck smiley

friday 11/07/2014

smiley o yea i totaly forgot man its kinda simple yet i forgot. smiley

thursday 10/07/2014

tuesday 08/07/2014

sunday 06/07/2014



saturday 05/07/2014

Then Nathan for Saki when she isn't banned. smiley

thursday 03/07/2014

On that low budget...
Beetenka to Glenn
Frankie Hi to Jose Star

When you can afford it...
Beetenka to Kazayan
Frankie Hi to Jose Star
Burt to Maurice

I'm not a real fan of kamekun due to his predictability, I usually throw in zhu tang when playing FPC

wednesday 02/07/2014

Bokneehog , I have been playing original Decks for a LONG time now.
I've made it to 1300 ELO the few times I've tried with backwater decks that really are strange combinations.
I'm using Ulu Watu with Vortex right now. Jordygn , Daag , Cyb Lhia , Vektor , Noland , Zack , Eugene , Dave

ComeAtMe hits the nail.

saturday 28/06/2014

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Not if you bluff jsut right

friday 27/06/2014

I say freaks an pussycats slow an painfull death.

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