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wednesday 30/04/2014

Scooty not Scotty smiley
Other option for 2* if u dont like thormund : Winston / Victoria or Tolliver

Them most important thing to learn first when approaching elo in my opinion is learning how to build pill advantage and learn to avoid those 5050s. Once you learn pill advantage the next thing is analyzing the weekly elo meta. Why are players using x deck and why are players combining x deck with y deck.

And on the 5050 decision making...yes being random sometimes can get the win not going to lie. Or if you want to increase you win% higher to be a consistent top player is making a player log sheet. I do this when I'm only in the 1300 elo range as its easy to get there. So when I'm in a match i enter the players name in his log i made and write down all his moves and pilling so i have a logged data sheet of all of the players tendencies. If down to a 5050 i know if the player likes to pill out on his first option, he likes to play safe with a 1 pill, he likes to safely match my pills, and etc. I don't do tho for 1000-1299 elo as its to long of a process and simply playing pill advantage will get you to 1300 in no time.

No I'm not a "pro" player. Ive topped100 only 2 times but i consistently get to 1300 no problem. Time is an issue for me during the week but if i had more time from thurs-sun I'm sure my elo would be consistently in the 1370 range

La Junta is a viable deck in almost any week. Even SOB. You however need to modify the deck. Thats the great thing about la junta is how easy the deck can be modified for ELO each week. Wats_happening gave a great explanation on each card and combinations.

sunday 20/04/2014

My First Top=1368 [1388]
got to 1388 fell a lot and now im gonna stay at 1368 for the top

friday 18/04/2014

I agree with almost everything you say DUC-San but I have one slight issue.
Magenta is the card in Nightmare who I've frequently clinched / won quite a few matches with.
Oshitsune gets banned all the time. Glorg is cool though. I often times try to use Betelgeuse to moderate sucess.
Eadh is actually ok for his price as well.

thursday 17/04/2014


monday 14/04/2014

My only suggestion would be to replace bublgmm with Vektor or Cyb Lhia.

sunday 13/04/2014

saturday 12/04/2014


Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome

friday 11/04/2014

Hi, i've been using Skeelz and Gheist and im getting alot of defeats even in tournaments(mainly because im not paying attention)
Should i sell the cards and play with another clan because i really like this deck but im not getting results.

thursday 10/04/2014

Miss DerbyQueen/Gatchuchica, Derby Queen, El Kaktus/El Zombino, Cage Troy

then Pussycat half or Roots half. The half i listed was a cheap cost effective half deck.

wednesday 09/04/2014

Unfortunately Skeelz will always be your worst match up with that deck. Luckily for you Their aren't too many Skeelz in ELO these days

I would change
Armani> Curlix 2nd full stop will help a lot vs SOB clans and even skeelz
Maupin> Pan..much more stable card and gives you a nice answer to any DR
Nice to see another player using Willow! She's actually an excellent card. If you find those changes still leave you a bit underwhelmed you could change her to Tree man
CHange Pan to phyliss and put WIllow to Rico

tuesday 08/04/2014

I do............go spend it on buying a deck for dt

monday 07/04/2014

On that first link that LOA Yellow posted, you see the characters on top are the temporary ones that players voted on the previous week, and on the bottom section are the cards that are permabanned. The permabans are updated maybe 2x a year. Unless a specific card is way overpowered.

The 2nd link shows which characters are eligible to be temporary banned next week. They're supposed to be the top cards from the top clans last week, along with what was banned the last week. It's also where you would cast your votes for what to keep or ban, if you have votes from the previous week. A card needs 5% of votes, with a majority being negative in order to be banned.

friday 04/04/2014

They are not dead in ELO. They have wonderful options.

5 stars - Lady mainly, then Hefty/ Magnar, then Glenn
4* - Nellie, Kazayan, then Maurice if you didn't use Lady, Jody/Sir Barks/other options
3*- Rubie/Oxen, Burt only in conjuction with Maurice and if you did not pick Lady, Lydia/other inferior options
2* - Jose Star, Wendel, Samantha/Bianca/Muller/McArthur

Great 2* options as you can see, and quality 3*. Lady is a great card. Their 4* are also good. I believe the issue is prices rising.

Sample deck:

Jose Star

is a good mono. Kitties/Uppers is also great.

wednesday 02/04/2014

I play skeelz and enjoying using them but every body see the Michael play and usally they throw th dr out as soon you go out and go to think if you play second with you might have to over pill to get his damage through

tuesday 01/04/2014

Diana is regularly banned for her 7-9 life gap, 8 power, and DR.

Her threat is comparable to that of Oshitsune.

Qubik is often banned because...The power of SoA compels you!

Tremorh bans make little sense to me, but Junkz does have a strong triple threat. Tremorh, Romana, and D4 Funk.

Oh because I thought about it for awhile and I think thank win one round with freaks, lose with cwing, get pillz back them strike hard with tgannk or something... possible ideas.

monday 31/03/2014

Thank you for the comment DUC-San, aprreciate it! smiley

I can ubderstand why people wanted him banned. 9 power with a decent gap for a 3 star and it's easy to mistakenly overpill against him and that's 2 less damage for you and a handful of power manipulation for them.

Picture this.

Daddy Jones, Eugene, Gabrielle, Nanook

Eugene is an irritant.

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