thursday 30/01/2014

wednesday 29/01/2014

tuesday 28/01/2014

Thanks for your advice, DiggestBick.
Samia to Lucy and Milena to Arnie sounds good. I'll try

monday 27/01/2014

sunday 26/01/2014

The Longest Journey

1405 with this. R&C people.

thursday 23/01/2014

Id say i rather use the topic starters deck then yours xD
having 2 +8 attack bonus clans isnt frowned upon, but having 2 power manipulation clans isnt ideal

tuesday 21/01/2014

If you're going to do Pussycat half;

Diana/ Malicia(When Diana is banned)
Clover/ Clover Noel (When Clover is banned)
Nabrissa/ Brittany/ Ella. Most use Nabrissa, and so do I.

monday 20/01/2014



Any suggestions would be helpful...

saturday 18/01/2014

Ahkab ---> capt bloodh
tyd ---> taljion / ector

friday 17/01/2014

I am 1296 now smileysmileysmiley

thursday 16/01/2014

I prefer Dahlia over Selma. While similar, Dahlia can force them to pill, something Selma cannot do. Now do not misconstrue my words, Selma is great, but 8 power over 7, and boosting your own pills is different from taking away the opponents. While 5 damage for a 5 star is bad, you should be pill manip-ing so it shouldn't matter. This is preference however, just my opinion.

Another suggestion is Sheryl to Calliope in case of a loss, and Amiral Coco to Hawkins Noel. Or Sheryl to Dahlia and Andsom to Hawkins Noel, because Pirahnas can pull off 4 two stars. Again, preference.

Deck looks solid.

If fei, then Benicio; if Heitachi, then Niva. All stars have both of their key cards available, so you're really well off with a protected 8 power.

Although, I'm not too sold on those two clans being used together...

wednesday 15/01/2014

Maybe I will change Elya to Zhu Tang and try get Kerozinn Cr too

Petra, Jauntya - lakit -Murray - Ngrath - Oxo - Aleister


Virginia Petra Jauntya - Murray - Ngrath - Oxo - Aleister - Wakai

tuesday 14/01/2014


So far i've had trouble against Nightmares and Piranas in low star hands. Any advices on this week's Elo?

His dominance has dropped but he still has some overpowering matchups that make him a dangerous card on weeks he is allowed out.

overtime as more cards come out that can deal with him, his usefulness will drop. similar to what happened with tula

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