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wednesday 05/02/2014

Bans happen for many reasons.

as a generalization we can probably say it is one or a combination of the following reasons:

1)card is simply too powerful for the star count - DJ Korr Cr, Jackie Cr, undeveloped pussycats

2)card reduces the game to a guessing game unless the opponent happens to have counter cards - Kolos, Sylth Cr, pill manip cards

3)card is reasonable but in a clan that would otherwise be too good - Arno, Gertjan, Elvira, Lea

bans will continue. and i expect more bans to happen due to reason #3 as more cards are created

sunday 02/02/2014

You have to be lucky (or unlucky) sometimes to face an opponent with a high elo score. If you have 1300 elo, and you win against a 1400 elo, you gain +20 points and if you lose you gain -11 points.
If you win against a 1200 elo you only gain 9 points for a win but you lose 20 points when you lose.

Since there are more 1200 elo players than 1300 elo players, you often face 1200 elo players and lose a lot if you lose.

You can calculate your points here:

You can also try Plunk to D4 Funk and Redra to Spiaghi
Or Plunk to Veenyle Cr, Redra to Spiaghi and Gibson/Eebiza to Haze/Fuzz

saturday 01/02/2014

Any opinions or changes would be helpful for my elo deck smiley

any constructive criticism would be greatly accepted any changes you think i should make shoot them out there please smiley

friday 31/01/2014

Jautya, Murray, Ngrath, Oxo
El Gascaro, El Matador, Magistrado Ld, Derby Queen

Oshitsune, Pan, Cutey/Edwin, Artus
El Gascaro, El Matador, Magistrado Ld, Derby Queen

How about this

Elya Cr
Marlysa Cr
Kerozinn Cr

Tessa Cr
Dragan Cr

this is probably one of the top ELO legal CR heavy decks out there.

thursday 30/01/2014

wednesday 29/01/2014

tuesday 28/01/2014

Thanks for your advice, DiggestBick.
Samia to Lucy and Milena to Arnie sounds good. I'll try

monday 27/01/2014

sunday 26/01/2014

The Longest Journey

1405 with this. R&C people.

thursday 23/01/2014

Id say i rather use the topic starters deck then yours xD
having 2 +8 attack bonus clans isnt frowned upon, but having 2 power manipulation clans isnt ideal

tuesday 21/01/2014

If you're going to do Pussycat half;

Diana/ Malicia(When Diana is banned)
Clover/ Clover Noel (When Clover is banned)
Nabrissa/ Brittany/ Ella. Most use Nabrissa, and so do I.

monday 20/01/2014



Any suggestions would be helpful...


saturday 18/01/2014

Ahkab ---> capt bloodh
tyd ---> taljion / ector

friday 17/01/2014

I am 1296 now smileysmileysmiley

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