saturday 09/11/2013

Numar to Eddie for increased life gap

wednesday 06/11/2013

Also, assume all times are based off the staff clock (French time). Because ils sont français and whatnot.

Be creative, + life works only in theory, people arent dumb you know, this combo can be easily countered or will be a 50/50 a lot of times.

Your bonus is already strong, you dont have to make him stronger, you have to protect it! Its almost a 50/50 every battle since your opponent can just bluff first round or pill tha shitt out and make you loose the first round and, probably, the game since you dont have much more pills left and your bonus will be weaker. And im not even talking about soa/sob or even a simple hard dr who completely break the combo and since you dont have defensive cards either you are pretty much screwed.

Huracan biggest flaw is that they only have offensive cards. Their only defensive card is an 3* conditioned DR.

I would play them with frozn, you will have much more safety to play a huracan card in first round (with few pills) with the frozn bonus to back you up if you loose, but they might work well with skeelz (chiara is revenge and they have good drs on kephren and redra, plunk has good synergy with that bonus too), montana, pussycats and uppers can be a good choice either.

tuesday 05/11/2013

Yeah, I like to change decks every week. I get bored if I just play w the same deck over n over again. If like to eventually have a great elo deck w all the clans, obviously not every combo but a combo deck for every clan will b fun for me.

I try to put an atk man clan together w another clan (ie: sentinel/vortex this week) as they synergies well together.

I love half deck vortex its a great safty net. As tiny says it works well in pussy cats ( though the one card in really wanting is x)

i think.ill sell some junks for it lol

monday 04/11/2013

If you want to go Piranas, Raeth is a must. Together with lizbeth they form an awesome duo.

My sugestion.

Amiral Coco


sunday 03/11/2013

Get rid of lakit and replace florida and ella wit ha 4* and a 3*.

saturday 02/11/2013

Gheist and Roots are nowhere.

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friday 01/11/2013

Eddie is better than Numar in the first 2 rounds, but I don't think so!
After you hit with Eddie, people expect you to pill low, this works to your advantage though, pill like 2 or 3 and you win.
Your life is still above 14. Whilst if you had Numar, you would be in a similar situation, Eddie does 1 less gap than Numar in the situation.
What Diggest Bick suggested is pretty solid!

thursday 31/10/2013

I was going to make that deck, I need some moneys smiley

wednesday 30/10/2013

In my mind it was 25 for some reason, nevermind. Kyle - Valentina Ld does the same job if your against SoA, Luke/Tobbie otherwise

tuesday 29/10/2013

But not as good as graven + elvis

I'm at 1250 ATM not seeing any gheist yet which is strange, but yea like you guys say once I start Hitting those I will swap her out

I've been passed 1400 a couple times in my career, and it probably would be more if I wasn't in college right now lol

But getting to the topic, I see that once you get passed 1300, you have to stick to the deck you know all of your weaknesses, and how to minimize and maintain them. A certain level of luck comes into play (in terms of your star count vs your opponent's star count), but for the most part any hand should be able to defend and at least force a tie. Just don't always go for the obvious moves; if you have a big hitter and he has DR soa and sob present, it's probably best to just take the dr and use the least amount of resources.

In terms of deck ideas, there's too many different ways to go about this. My first time ever making 1400 was with True Ninja Cats , I wanted to have two 5* and I just got tsubame. But now with so many bans, and different clan types, I've gotten there with just three solid 4* and mono decks (sentinel, rescue, and jungo). I don't think deck construction has anything to do with getting up the ranks, like it's previously been said, it really just comes down to skill at these levels of play. You have to have good judgment, and knowledge of the clan(s) you're up against. Also, pay attention to the player (national origin and level), you might run into him again

Cool. Thx guys this helps

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