monday 28/10/2013

Kephren Falkenstein Jay/Belgosi Sandro Plunk Chiara Cr Sasha Redra, that's the standard deck for Skeelz. Skeelz are mostly a 3 round win team as they can't create a big enough gap really as you really only get 4 - 5 damage cards most of the time.

If you want to incorporate Michael either do Michael for one of the 4* then another 4* to Andy Ld/Praxie or
Michael for Jay then 3* to Liam. Plunk's pretty beast so I'd prefer him over Sandro but not over Chiara Cr personally.

sunday 27/10/2013

"I just think that whilst Oshitsune might be overrated, your assessment is underrating him."

I'm not underrating him. Hes usable. Of course i'm kidding when i call him SHITshune, but he is one of those cards that exist in all tcgs that everybody thinks its a good card when, in the reality, he is as good as any other.

And you are right, i play skeelz/vortex and i poop on every shitsune users =D

With Shifou and Zhu Tang existing, Kamekun has little use outside of DT.

Maurice > Lady
Blaaster Cr > Randal (if you can afford him) or alternatively Harold > Wendel

saturday 26/10/2013

Yes 1200 isn't a big deal, but I got there in 1 day which was pretty quick IMO. I don't have a lot of time to play so any deck I can go 12-2 w is great for me.

As for the defensiveness of the deck, it all depends on how u use it (that's what she said, self hi-five). I win w Melvin to much when people expect me to block w him to take him out.

Redra over Liam is a mistake. Thx for the input but I have 2 dmg red already that can b used offensively if needed. I find that having an SOA can b extremely useful.

As for Plunk, if I go 1st I 3 pill him n he usually hits for dmg. If not, someone overpilled n hi have a huge advantage going forward. Yes dmg red messes this up slightly but he is still silly good.

thursday 24/10/2013

Madelone is also a really useful card for the Freaks. No one wants to lose 2 pillz so they won't go to crazy on rd1 which allows u to hit w 5 dmg n poison, end of rd4 = 3 life if she hits w poison/full dmg on rd1.

Because people who use Oshitsune can't handle him.

wednesday 23/10/2013

Thx for the input guys, I'll make the changes n c how it goes

Blaaster CR is out of my price range but I do agreesmiley

sunday 20/10/2013

Zack, this game I meant to b fun, who gives a sh*t how u get to the top as long as u get there/enjoyed getting there. I'm playing w pretty much every clan/combo of clans looking for what makes sense to me. If it makes me "unskilled" to use some of them who cares? I'm still winning n having fun doing it. Yes once u hit 1300 the game changes n maybe ur deck should too, but until then experiment n figure out what works n doesn't work for u. Just my opinion good luck

saturday 19/10/2013

Oops yeah, Olga not Daqun my mistake

friday 18/10/2013

I'll just give you a deck as I feel your sole focus is on Mono Bezerk pretty much.
Graven Elvis Kostner Lola Roger Rudy Spiaghi Melanie

Most of the cards their can take SoA and still function well, Kostner has the potential of Konrad's Gap after Round 1 for a power less and when furied makes more gap than any other card in your deck. When you get your weakest hand of Rudy, Lola, Spiaghi + Melanie it's very easy to exploit Rudy's offensive capabilities because of his 7 power.

Marina Saki Jessie Karen/Randy
Petra Jautya Murray/Uranus Aleister. Is the standard decks that people usually come up with. If your having troubles with gap, a change would be Petra for Skrumxxt (The 8 3 Damage + 5 5* Sakhrom card) and Jautya - Ngrath.

Marina Saki Jessie simply have to be used in every single AS half when they're available, their far too good not to be considered.
Murray + Aleister are also really good cards for their star category.

The deck I suggested with Karen/Randy depends on the week. Karen I find is better for me anytime especially when you have cards like Murray, Jautya, Aleister who are all prone to SoA, Karen can really make a difference.

wednesday 16/10/2013

"Are there too many all stops for people to handle?"

No, there are too few of them imo.

I voted to ban leviatonn last week, just because i didn't want to face too many gheist this week with my new deck. It worked at least, im in a 20 wins stryke and no gheist faced yet.

It all depends on your deck.

Individual valor means nothing, in any tcg, unless the card is really broken. There are "staple" cards that are shitty in certain decks. There are shitty individual cards that are totally broken in a certain types of deck.

tuesday 15/10/2013

The answer your looking for - No, but he'll get banned on some weeks.

I really like the sakrohm pairing, a lot of life gain/dr along w atk manip. Murray wakai Petra Uranus juatya aleistar r all really good cards for elo

saturday 12/10/2013

Wolfgang - Bogdan. Bogdan is such a beast when he's available, when he ain't there, I suggest using the 5* Freaks have along with Quasichoco. Quasichoco is basically Wolfgangn just Wolfgang's ability is a lot stronger.

Monday to Sunday. Not the entire 168 hours (Due to the downtime so the staff can get the final result), but close to it.

friday 11/10/2013

Unban anny cr card would be totally unfair with new players and would be a huge mistake by the staffs.

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