friday 06/09/2013

Nice, I would sub Numar for Buck and Eugene for Gaia tho.

It's my standard killer from sakrohm clan..
I just level 31..
Please give green rate and comment.. smiley
thank you

thursday 05/09/2013

I actually switched daddy jones to eddie and moved rubie up to nellie, this was last week though when eddie wasnt banned and it worked pretty well,
this week im using

wednesday 04/09/2013


Firstly, hopefully link works.
2ndly, update from a previous deck, thanks to some very helpful input from these forums. Thanks to all.
3rdly, as always, comment highly appreciated.

I suggest Lois Ld to Malicia, and it'll be as good as it gets smiley

tuesday 03/09/2013

His Heal is powerful though, makes your opponent think he'll take the hit to use the minimum then POW you get a 50/50 on your hands...
Numar's more solid than Eddie, can be used any round but is not as effective as Eddie is round 1 + 2 simply because of the effect mentioned above.

monday 02/09/2013

Can't believe they banned Quibiksmiley

sunday 01/09/2013

The CullFighters

Cheap, Strong, Easy to use...

saturday 31/08/2013

Its a mono Piranas Deck
Rate and coment pls


This is a new mono Piranas deck that I put together for ELO. It's become one of my favorite decks and I like using it. I've gotten a few small winning streaks, and I think it has the potential to do well in ELO, but I haven't been playing much because lately I've been stressing out over school and commitments in real life. I'm afraid the stress would mess up my playing, so hopefully I can find a week where I'm not that busy.


friday 30/08/2013

tuesday 27/08/2013

Azeem don't forget Kristin, saved my ass countless times smiley
Nothing gives you more pleasure than winning the first round when you play first and then see your opponent waste a card because he thinks Kristin comes next.

Sentinel can be dangerous but are hurt badly by both soa and sob.
I used them a bit last week and this week and suggest a 5* thrown in your deck somewhere as Spikey 13 mentioned. With Oshitsune being banned this week Sammy can also be an option. Thomy can be a helpful addition as well.

Testing out noland smiley
R&C any changes?

edited by Sir B00BY tuesday 27/08/2013, 08:49

sunday 25/08/2013

I wasn't at all saying not to use thorpah he is a really good card If you want one he's perfectly fine as are rad and even brok isn't bad. And if you want balance kenny definitely isn't very stable.

friday 23/08/2013

Freaks and Jungo worked well for me in the past, but i enjoed freaks and all stars too it could be a steamroller at times... if this deck can handle all these mono rescue decks it will do fine lol

Id change rad to kalindra, or if you cant afford her try bankee, and that will free 1 star up. Personally, id replace rad with ayzkub and replace mindy with Zornado. Frozn / Jungo was the first deck i was ever successful with, using the same strategy i do now (build up my lifer points with a jungo, lose round 2, blocking as much damage as possible, use revenge and frozn 3rd round to wollywhop with all my pills and defend like hell the lst round lol.... Frozn / Jungo could do a pretty sneaky 2hit KO though lol (with adler or naheema, and eliska maybe) idk im no expert lol just my thoughts



Huracan + all stars , cuz can't handle Jungo that goodly smiley

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Noted. Appreciate the help y'all.

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