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sunday 08/09/2013

Interesting, I have met exactly one Hurracan and lost to him due to my stupid mistake. It's doing fine against everythign else. I'll see about your adjustenst, I'm currently doing this

Dieter instead of Edwin (Lots of guys who get their gap from abilities out there currently)
Mawpin instead of Crowen (Wanted to save a star)
Uranus instead of Spiagi (Because why not?)

You mean Tuck? And I would agree with your changes but I would keep treeman over willow, willow is just like a DR that you have to play in the first or second round. No need for her if you put yookie in.

If I had the Clintz this would be my preset in a secondsmiley

03:48 Elo you won by forfeit against 0AL N3R1C, Azraël legend (10-6): 1181 ELO
03:40 Elo you beat DARK_BOSS2222, La pua (7-0): 1163 ELO
03:33 Elo you crushed NGUchapada04, Never give up (14-0): 1149 ELO
03:28 Elo you crushed NeophyteOSU, Анимешная Академия (16-0): 1130 ELO
02:51 Elo you lost against 0AL N3R1C, Azraël legend (0-: 1119 ELO
02:41 Elo you lost by timeout against Ressel, The Guild Without Borders (14-13): 1130 ELO
02:36 Elo you won by forfeit against NGUchapada04, Never give up (14-11): 1138 ELO
02:32 Elo you won by forfeit against SCH sparciate, La Ligue Des Champions (14-11): 1117 ELO
02:29 Elo you lost against __Alpharius__, Red Army (5-12): 1099 ELO
02:26 Elo you crushed DDT_PREDATOR, I Dominatori del Tempo (14-0): 1107 ELO
02:22 Elo you lost against Uzumaki Rune, DL's Knights (1-: 1085 ELO

saturday 07/09/2013

I reckon half is better, as you can use them to make combos, like Frozn/Vortex, Jungo/Huracan, etc.
But some decks, such as Rescue, are obviously better mono, and in mono decks, it's better to use characters with support abilities.

friday 06/09/2013

Ok ty a lot i'll try all of them or maybe make some1 changes if i can so i can see which fits me more

Preference is a big thing.
Kinichaw vs Lumber Jack. Without abilities Lumber Jack is superior, with Abilities and stats involved Kinichaw is far superior as she helps out her bonus.

Most decks aim to have 1 or 2 Dr's, and the best possible cards they can have within that star section. For example I wouldn't build a deck with X clan (Half decking with another clan, Y) if X clan had poor 4 stars. However Y has better 4* so I would get some 2 + 3 from X clan + pack 4's and possibly a 2 in Y clan.

You also have to compare them to each other, the best 3 star in NM.
There's Crowen, Pan, Edwin, Cutey. Depending on what your deck needs, a life gapping card like Cutey would be useful. If your deck needs to have a solid card from NM that isn't prone to SoA Pan would be your option.

Nice, I would sub Numar for Buck and Eugene for Gaia tho.

It's my standard killer from sakrohm clan..
I just level 31..
Please give green rate and comment.. smiley
thank you

thursday 05/09/2013

I actually switched daddy jones to eddie and moved rubie up to nellie, this was last week though when eddie wasnt banned and it worked pretty well,
this week im using http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/presets/?id_preset=2652260

wednesday 04/09/2013


Firstly, hopefully link works.
2ndly, update from a previous deck, thanks to some very helpful input from these forums. Thanks to all.
3rdly, as always, comment highly appreciated.

I suggest Lois Ld to Malicia, and it'll be as good as it gets smiley

tuesday 03/09/2013

His Heal is powerful though, makes your opponent think he'll take the hit to use the minimum then POW you get a 50/50 on your hands...
Numar's more solid than Eddie, can be used any round but is not as effective as Eddie is round 1 + 2 simply because of the effect mentioned above.

monday 02/09/2013

Can't believe they banned Quibiksmiley

sunday 01/09/2013

The CullFighters

Cheap, Strong, Easy to use...

saturday 31/08/2013

Its a mono Piranas Deck
Rate and coment pls


This is a new mono Piranas deck that I put together for ELO. It's become one of my favorite decks and I like using it. I've gotten a few small winning streaks, and I think it has the potential to do well in ELO, but I haven't been playing much because lately I've been stressing out over school and commitments in real life. I'm afraid the stress would mess up my playing, so hopefully I can find a week where I'm not that busy.


friday 30/08/2013

tuesday 27/08/2013

Azeem don't forget Kristin, saved my ass countless times smiley
Nothing gives you more pleasure than winning the first round when you play first and then see your opponent waste a card because he thinks Kristin comes next.

Sentinel can be dangerous but are hurt badly by both soa and sob.
I used them a bit last week and this week and suggest a 5* thrown in your deck somewhere as Spikey 13 mentioned. With Oshitsune being banned this week Sammy can also be an option. Thomy can be a helpful addition as well.

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