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monday 12/08/2013

R and comment plz smiley


Looks like he is now extinct.... Nice jobsmiley

sunday 11/08/2013

Oh ok thanks! So the 12 cards banned are temp, and the rest indefinitely?
Also Mokra is dropping massively currently, is that just because it has only just been added to the permanent ban list?

And the vote page wont load for me, but ill keep trying.
Thanks again.

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Ok this is completely random. Why?

saturday 10/08/2013

@ Joop, of course there are cards that counter Tula she is a 2 star after all.

I dont play rescue but sledge is a a royal pain when I face him but if we were to talk about cards that counter each other we would never end this.

This topic has been helpful, and despite the common opinion of him, I'm starting to like Kalder more and more. Its fun seeing a Shifou or a Murray biting the dust with Kalder.

Thanks to everyone, I think I will retire Tula, she was an awesome card but like Skinner its time to go and enjoy the slippers..

I always perfer power manip over attack.

That deck is very dangerous for a nice price.

Just won 6 in a row going for 7 at 1200 elo

Deea swapped for Dregn.

friday 09/08/2013

wednesday 07/08/2013


+Murray for the deck

1116 with this deck current.

tuesday 06/08/2013

monday 05/08/2013

Fang pi clang popular?! thing is not many ppl have kerozinn cr.... futoshi ld not used? heitachi is nice too!

jungo: i havent a single trace of them... and this week's election only jean is on... oh well time for me to exploit my fav clan maybe hit 1.4k again

rescue: yah they are good! especialyl with sue now

huracan: kinichaw is beast cuz she messes wit the bonus, if she wins its pretty much gg...

nightmare: should be REALLY popular right? oshitsune is out now.. karrion wasnt a big loss at all he was not much used anyway.

la junta: umm.. forgotten clan!? pilkzen is really good.. he used to be on ban list.. mono junta is terrifying..

frozn: yah definitely forgotten... stompah is an absolute beast. getting easy wins with him and vortex combo xD

ulu watu: forgotten? daddy jones, eddie and the beast 2*s...

sunday 04/08/2013


Gonna hope I can finish this week's ELO on a high note.

deleted R&C plz smiley

08:09 Elo you almost won against C E R B E R O (7-smiley: 1256 ELO
08:04 Elo you won by timeout against LU-GEMELOS2, LA UNIION (17-11): 1270 ELO
08:00 Elo you almost won against juramace, Dragons U.R (4-7): 1257 ELO
07:54 Elo you lost by default against Ghost(AA) (2-11): 1271 ELO
07:50 Elo you lost by default against 0-k1ng-, CaLiPsO (9-7): 1285 ELO
07:45 Elo you won by forfeit against war-A zinfrid (19-5): 1297 ELO
07:40 Elo you beat kelseydaman, The Fighters of Saskatchewan (16-7): 1281 ELO
07:36 Elo you narrowly escaped from 0 Strokes (7-4): 1266 ELO
07:31 Elo you won by forfeit against HighSnobiety, The Bran Clan (17-4): 1247 ELO
07:28 Elo you lost by default against MG_RONALDO - (9-14): 1235 ELO
07:25 Elo you lost by default against Taxt1271, Limit Break (9-14): 1246 ELO
07:23 Elo you crushed S h o w t e k, ♦◊۩ La AℓiaηZa ۩◊♦ (15-4): 1257 ELO
07:17 Elo you drew with HighSnobiety, The Bran Clan (5-5): 1246 ELO
07:12 Elo you won by forfeit against iMutilate, Clumsy Shadows (12-9): 1250 ELO
07:08 Elo you crushed O CM PUNK, Les Têtes Brûlées (14-0): 1232 ELO
07:06 Elo you beat Titan Dark, Last Regiment (9-4): 1212 ELO
07:01 Elo you won by forfeit against -Veracious_, E X C A L I B U R (14-9): 1198 ELO

Inhumane [1415 Elo]

This week for Elo. All feedback is appreciated, whether you think it's good, it's bad, what can be improved... Everything is welcome! Feel free to leave a comment and drop a rating, Green or Red. Thank you so, so very much!

friday 02/08/2013

monday 29/07/2013

deleted rate and comment please

Id keep the deck you were using before

Alexei is just not a good card in ELO. Personally I'd use Karen and Konrad, but Sprinter/Randy or whoever is good as well

Just not alexei

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