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sunday 04/08/2013

Inhumane [1415 Elo]

This week for Elo. All feedback is appreciated, whether you think it's good, it's bad, what can be improved... Everything is welcome! Feel free to leave a comment and drop a rating, Green or Red. Thank you so, so very much!

friday 02/08/2013

monday 29/07/2013

deleted rate and comment please

Id keep the deck you were using before

Alexei is just not a good card in ELO. Personally I'd use Karen and Konrad, but Sprinter/Randy or whoever is good as well

Just not alexei

sunday 28/07/2013

20:19 Elo you lost by default against Scous HoA, Harbingers of Ares (4-14): 1255 ELO

Yeaaah HoA Powaa!! And I also notice when he forfeited smiley

Winning with Kusuri then with Mechakolos.. Amazing combo.

Long time since I posted a preset. I thought that posting in the public boards can extend my reach to the community.
Violent Violet [1413 Elo]

Mono-Montana for this week's Elo against Huracan, Nightmare, Piranas, Sakrohm, Rescue. And of course, Gheist.

Please feel free to drop a comment/rating, positive or negative! Thanks a lot, I will appreciate it!

saturday 27/07/2013

I read Speezi's comment as a complement about the original deck posted.
Havok is pretty good, i usually prefer to play with Tessa cr, or Sammy in mono Sentinel.

friday 26/07/2013


What do you think?

thursday 25/07/2013

got 1215 elo smiley

I'm testing this deck, and got like 15 wins / 5 loses. What you think of it?

tuesday 23/07/2013


Please make rate & comment and critisim smiley

monday 22/07/2013

One way to counter Freaks is build a ferocious and agressive deck that can take opponent's health down under 3. But is just theoretical smiley

sunday 21/07/2013

You win bragging rights and your name on the home page rankings.

Hystrix is quite sneaky, dinging for only 1 but with a min of KO and a built-in +2 life bonus or being Jungo.

There's also Wormhole, the 0-pill poison wonder.

Wardom is a solid card and a safe choice, however XU52 is really a beast, unblockable 8 damage (or 10) in every rounds is something so hard to deal with.
With the attack manip, XU52 can fit easily to a aggressive GHEIST deck that you force opponents pill every rounds.
Despite Wardom's ability is quite easy to activate, he comes from a clan that does not have so many defensive cards, Brisbane is banned, and that means when you want activate Wardom's ability, you accept to pay for it by some of your health points, and hence you may have to face with a hard situation: spending a few pills and losing your best nuker after losing a round before( almost equal to a loss) or spending more pills and accept the risk of pill disadvantage.

I'll make a different comment than the ones i've seen so far in this thread. i'd go with dreadlash actually, he is like a pilzken (yeah yeah he only has 4 dmg). i'd probably go with a high damage deck so that in the 1st/2nd round i'd 'atack' with a high damage card (when you had them ofc) and then you could try the ko with dreadlash or just leave the opponent with 2 or 3 life, if you didn't have the pillz to finish the opponent off. i prefer dreadlash because even though he doesn't have a lot of advantages against quite a lot of cards, the factor surprise is also really important and believe me, most people wouldn't even think that you can try to ko with him if he doesn't have his power active, for example (and the ones who do, keep in mind that the bonus is pretty helpful in k.o situations)

Depending on who is banned I use either Sakrohm, Junkz or Montana.. but that just me cause I'm crazy

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