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friday 07/09/2018

Hey buddy almost all clans are decnt in danger zone. Find clans which have a few op cards in danger zone like maximus dollum nekron etc and pair em

wednesday 29/08/2018

I think maybe that's where I've been going wrong, I've been focusing too much what clans bonus instead of the cards in the ability and the bonus. Thanks Rowdy MoB CR I've really got to plan out my decks better.

tuesday 21/08/2018

Sorry for the bad link there is the one for Chocomuscle

sunday 12/08/2018

I also play Pussycats in EFC. I actually half them with Jungo. My deck is Tariel, Hopper LD, Cindy, Ginnifer, Nabrissa, Slayer, Roxie, and Gea. It's good up to Polit Arena

Your deck is good, but as people mentioned, it needs some of the newer op cards

wednesday 08/08/2018

WE need a good lv4/5 skeelz for Z palace. Thank you very much smiley

saturday 04/08/2018

Seasonal rewards? smiley

monday 23/07/2018

Well its an interesting idea. Will love to see how it might be implemented practically if possible.smiley
And looking forward to see the changes Chaos.smiley

thursday 05/07/2018

Dominion I don't really know yet, but it's pretty strong

friday 22/06/2018

Not sure yet, however after looking through all cards available up to z palace it seems very plausible. I'll let you know as I haven't played much in the last couple days.

wednesday 20/06/2018

Not playing on the app, it forced me to have 0 seconds to make a move, which is an auto loss. It wasn't a display issue at all.

thursday 14/06/2018

Not your bad at all. there is no real need for the old type ELO to be on the format list, let alone at the very top.

tuesday 12/06/2018

Cheers for that Rowdy. wasn't sure what I was doing wrong!

wednesday 23/05/2018

Tbh nobody cares about the Ghiest...u morons...smiley
Frozn FTFY...smiley

thursday 26/04/2018

Plus with no banned list we players don't need to vote about it letting ur staff free up more space an there time.

wednesday 25/04/2018

All clans are powerful.
i am gheist an i can make teir one with them done take a lot more oomf on the players part i try an help. how high are you in efc? casue you have to switch cards constantly with soa clan in efc every time you make it up a rank.

thursday 05/04/2018

saturday 31/03/2018

When did these two get their max zones swapped? Did I miss an announcement?

monday 26/03/2018

Thanks, exactly what I wanted smiley

sunday 11/03/2018

Ok I'm still in Dark Corners, so none of my cards should be unusable, why am I getting this message for my riots deck??

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