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monday 15/07/2013

Interesting deck. smiley

Ok deck. i would personally change Dr Saw to Arkn, Methane to Hriger, Spycee to Raeth, Andsom to Ector and you could try Ahkab to Selma.

Nice deck. smiley

deleted: Interesting deck. I would change Dean to Wardog (More stable against SOA and low power cards), Tolliver to Wyre (You can never have enuth SOA), Laura to Jane Ramba Cr (Less cards worth copying in ELO), Ector to Amiral Coco (Who dosn't like COB) and Morgane to Calliope.

deleted: Nice deck. I would personally change Macumba to Heitachi.

Nice deck. smiley

You sure you were in ELO format?

I am not sure if I would put Crowen in a half deck. He is a good card but as Trippie mentioned his base stats force him to be used with revenge. If you believe he fits your play style give him a shot and let us know how he works for you as I have had little luck with him.

saturday 13/07/2013

New Deck deleted

friday 12/07/2013

Interesting deck.

In all honesty he isn't nearly as bad as half the cards on the banned list.

1.) He can't OHKO I know that seems trivial but he can't. He can do 12 damage but he won't simply KO you.
2.) He is predictable without his ability he really sucks so he has to be played second which means you can force match ups you want to a certain extent.
3.) His bonus doesn't help him win the round in a direct way.

Now I'm not saying that he isn't a strong card far from it. All I know is I'd prefer to play against him than rolph.

thursday 11/07/2013

Classic combo.

I see you don't play SOA nor DR, so you may try artus to cutey, c wing to deea and dagg to x-0dus

Qorah to Deea and maybe you would prefer Cyb Lhia to C Wing

wednesday 10/07/2013

tuesday 09/07/2013

Hey guys, i want to get myself a deck that is able to top 1300+.
I havent played UR in a while so pls help me out. I have about 80k clintz and clans i like are piranhas, nightmares and vortex. I also kinda like the mexicans. In the end, i think i would play anything!

The Game > Game Modes > ELO > Format Election.
You gain votes based on your previous week's ELO standing.

monday 08/07/2013

Huracane New clan is great for elo.

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