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monday 19/08/2013

Any suggestions are appreciated..


saturday 17/08/2013

I suspect that the '7th being worth more than the 6th' would be with CR's with similar values. Mid week price changes can swap the value order around, but the prizes are locked in their order based upon their market value at the start of the ELO week. That's how I imagined it, anyway. smiley

Every deck with huricane will own in elo anyway smiley. The guy in top comments of your deck is totally right.

friday 16/08/2013


wednesday 14/08/2013

I was able to use rhatana once in ELO.... once, and i'm telling you she should just stay where she is now, together with Lou, as much as i love roots those two are just too amazing to be re-released.
The amount of non bonus-SOA cards are quite low and most of them have low damage or are bonus dependent to function properly. Also, Nightmare kinda has a full line of scary abilities, so if you play your single SOA for a bluff Kolos that does not guarantee your win . Fear factor is the to this game, it always has been and people who can capitalize in this are in this weeks top 20 list of ELO players.

tuesday 13/08/2013

monday 12/08/2013

R and comment plz smiley


Looks like he is now extinct.... Nice jobsmiley

sunday 11/08/2013

Oh ok thanks! So the 12 cards banned are temp, and the rest indefinitely?
Also Mokra is dropping massively currently, is that just because it has only just been added to the permanent ban list?

And the vote page wont load for me, but ill keep trying.
Thanks again.

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Ok this is completely random. Why?

saturday 10/08/2013

@ Joop, of course there are cards that counter Tula she is a 2 star after all.

I dont play rescue but sledge is a a royal pain when I face him but if we were to talk about cards that counter each other we would never end this.

This topic has been helpful, and despite the common opinion of him, I'm starting to like Kalder more and more. Its fun seeing a Shifou or a Murray biting the dust with Kalder.

Thanks to everyone, I think I will retire Tula, she was an awesome card but like Skinner its time to go and enjoy the slippers..

I always perfer power manip over attack.

That deck is very dangerous for a nice price.

Just won 6 in a row going for 7 at 1200 elo

Deea swapped for Dregn.

friday 09/08/2013

wednesday 07/08/2013


+Murray for the deck

1116 with this deck current.

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