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tuesday 06/08/2013

monday 05/08/2013

Fang pi clang popular?! thing is not many ppl have kerozinn cr.... futoshi ld not used? heitachi is nice too!

jungo: i havent a single trace of them... and this week's election only jean is on... oh well time for me to exploit my fav clan maybe hit 1.4k again

rescue: yah they are good! especialyl with sue now

huracan: kinichaw is beast cuz she messes wit the bonus, if she wins its pretty much gg...

nightmare: should be REALLY popular right? oshitsune is out now.. karrion wasnt a big loss at all he was not much used anyway.

la junta: umm.. forgotten clan!? pilkzen is really good.. he used to be on ban list.. mono junta is terrifying..

frozn: yah definitely forgotten... stompah is an absolute beast. getting easy wins with him and vortex combo xD

ulu watu: forgotten? daddy jones, eddie and the beast 2*s...

sunday 04/08/2013


Gonna hope I can finish this week's ELO on a high note.

deleted R&C plz smiley

08:09 Elo you almost won against C E R B E R O (7-smiley: 1256 ELO
08:04 Elo you won by timeout against LU-GEMELOS2, LA UNIION (17-11): 1270 ELO
08:00 Elo you almost won against juramace, Dragons U.R (4-7): 1257 ELO
07:54 Elo you lost by default against Ghost(AA) (2-11): 1271 ELO
07:50 Elo you lost by default against 0-k1ng-, CaLiPsO (9-7): 1285 ELO
07:45 Elo you won by forfeit against war-A zinfrid (19-5): 1297 ELO
07:40 Elo you beat kelseydaman, The Fighters of Saskatchewan (16-7): 1281 ELO
07:36 Elo you narrowly escaped from 0 Strokes (7-4): 1266 ELO
07:31 Elo you won by forfeit against HighSnobiety, The Bran Clan (17-4): 1247 ELO
07:28 Elo you lost by default against MG_RONALDO - (9-14): 1235 ELO
07:25 Elo you lost by default against Taxt1271, Limit Break (9-14): 1246 ELO
07:23 Elo you crushed S h o w t e k, ♦◊۩ La AℓiaηZa ۩◊♦ (15-4): 1257 ELO
07:17 Elo you drew with HighSnobiety, The Bran Clan (5-5): 1246 ELO
07:12 Elo you won by forfeit against iMutilate, Clumsy Shadows (12-9): 1250 ELO
07:08 Elo you crushed O CM PUNK, Les Têtes Brûlées (14-0): 1232 ELO
07:06 Elo you beat Titan Dark, Last Regiment (9-4): 1212 ELO
07:01 Elo you won by forfeit against -Veracious_, E X C A L I B U R (14-9): 1198 ELO

Inhumane [1415 Elo]

This week for Elo. All feedback is appreciated, whether you think it's good, it's bad, what can be improved... Everything is welcome! Feel free to leave a comment and drop a rating, Green or Red. Thank you so, so very much!

friday 02/08/2013

monday 29/07/2013

deleted rate and comment please

Id keep the deck you were using before

Alexei is just not a good card in ELO. Personally I'd use Karen and Konrad, but Sprinter/Randy or whoever is good as well

Just not alexei

sunday 28/07/2013

20:19 Elo you lost by default against Scous HoA, Harbingers of Ares (4-14): 1255 ELO

Yeaaah HoA Powaa!! And I also notice when he forfeited smiley

Winning with Kusuri then with Mechakolos.. Amazing combo.

Long time since I posted a preset. I thought that posting in the public boards can extend my reach to the community.
Violent Violet [1413 Elo]

Mono-Montana for this week's Elo against Huracan, Nightmare, Piranas, Sakrohm, Rescue. And of course, Gheist.

Please feel free to drop a comment/rating, positive or negative! Thanks a lot, I will appreciate it!

saturday 27/07/2013

I read Speezi's comment as a complement about the original deck posted.
Havok is pretty good, i usually prefer to play with Tessa cr, or Sammy in mono Sentinel.


friday 26/07/2013


What do you think?

thursday 25/07/2013

got 1215 elo smiley

I'm testing this deck, and got like 15 wins / 5 loses. What you think of it?

tuesday 23/07/2013


Please make rate & comment and critisim smiley

monday 22/07/2013

One way to counter Freaks is build a ferocious and agressive deck that can take opponent's health down under 3. But is just theoretical smiley

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