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tuesday 25/06/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Onik to Tremorh, Lois Ld to Clover and Brittany to Jayzel.

Nice deck. smiley

My uranus and Graxxmxt disappeared after failing to sell to someone in a private salesmiley Moderators helpsmiley

monday 24/06/2013

It is worse the other way when people know they have lost and just let the game time out. zzzz

sunday 23/06/2013

T Gaank - Cyb Lhia
AyzKub - Mikaal

Annuga - Tiwi Ld if u have it

I got 1300+ with this deck, good luck

Nice deck. smiley

I haven't really played hurracan yet so all i can really say is watch out for someone inflicting a lot of damage to you in the first turn lol.

Im the other way round lol I prefer the anime.

Nice deck. smiley

Interesting deck. i would personally change Ayah to Rad, Eliska to Annuqa and Ward Hg to Dreadlash.

Nice deck. I would personally change Sah Brinak to Annuqa but thats because i like COB

Got my second ELO top with this same deck.

saturday 22/06/2013

I listen to bob when im mad, works everytime

friday 21/06/2013

There are a lot of banned characters in your decks. I presume that next week they may not be playable as well. I would suggest staying away from having 3 two star characters.

In the case of Ongh being banned, Nahema, Zornado, or two 4*s.

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I'm not sure if french kissing a kid is legal...

thursday 20/06/2013

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