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sunday 21/07/2013

You win bragging rights and your name on the home page rankings.

Hystrix is quite sneaky, dinging for only 1 but with a min of KO and a built-in +2 life bonus or being Jungo.

There's also Wormhole, the 0-pill poison wonder.

Wardom is a solid card and a safe choice, however XU52 is really a beast, unblockable 8 damage (or 10) in every rounds is something so hard to deal with.
With the attack manip, XU52 can fit easily to a aggressive GHEIST deck that you force opponents pill every rounds.
Despite Wardom's ability is quite easy to activate, he comes from a clan that does not have so many defensive cards, Brisbane is banned, and that means when you want activate Wardom's ability, you accept to pay for it by some of your health points, and hence you may have to face with a hard situation: spending a few pills and losing your best nuker after losing a round before( almost equal to a loss) or spending more pills and accept the risk of pill disadvantage.

I'll make a different comment than the ones i've seen so far in this thread. i'd go with dreadlash actually, he is like a pilzken (yeah yeah he only has 4 dmg). i'd probably go with a high damage deck so that in the 1st/2nd round i'd 'atack' with a high damage card (when you had them ofc) and then you could try the ko with dreadlash or just leave the opponent with 2 or 3 life, if you didn't have the pillz to finish the opponent off. i prefer dreadlash because even though he doesn't have a lot of advantages against quite a lot of cards, the factor surprise is also really important and believe me, most people wouldn't even think that you can try to ko with him if he doesn't have his power active, for example (and the ones who do, keep in mind that the bonus is pretty helpful in k.o situations)

Depending on who is banned I use either Sakrohm, Junkz or Montana.. but that just me cause I'm crazy

friday 19/07/2013

Your points are valid.
What my comment is trying to express is, the deck is set up (imo) for the use of Cley. In my experience Skeelz damage can be an issue when using the popular deck builds for them. Although this build does not stray too far from the norm it makes use of a character who can have a great impact.

I did try the deck and had moderate success early week and I will say Cley is not an issue. When playing I felt Sasha, Redra or Snowflake could use changing. Perhaps Snowflake to Plunk and find a suitable 2* maybe Otto. I am still on the fence with Minerva but the deck seems to work well for the author.

thursday 18/07/2013

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2634406&list link to the preset

Nice deck. Chiara Cr can be changed to Lorna if people want to make it cheaper.

wednesday 17/07/2013

Nice deck. smiley

The only reason it was rated down is because some people are mean and rate it down just because it has Mechakolos in it.

Nice deck. I would personally change Cutey to Pan.

monday 15/07/2013

Don to Desmond, Phyllis to Artus, Edwin to Glorg. I'm using atm. Works quite well.

deleted: Nice deck. I would personally change Sting to Raeth and Coleridge to Calliope.

deleted: because its the only usable one lol

Interesting deck. smiley

Ok deck. i would personally change Dr Saw to Arkn, Methane to Hriger, Spycee to Raeth, Andsom to Ector and you could try Ahkab to Selma.

Nice deck. smiley

deleted: Interesting deck. I would change Dean to Wardog (More stable against SOA and low power cards), Tolliver to Wyre (You can never have enuth SOA), Laura to Jane Ramba Cr (Less cards worth copying in ELO), Ector to Amiral Coco (Who dosn't like COB) and Morgane to Calliope.

deleted: Nice deck. I would personally change Macumba to Heitachi.

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