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thursday 13/06/2013

Nice deck. smiley

Poor Woodsy doesn't get enough love. smiley

wednesday 12/06/2013

I'm using Mechakolos, it's such a troll card smiley

Roots is not a bad clan to start the game, since they have SOA, so they can be a safe open. Yookie, Rico, Tuck is all good card to start with, not mentioned Gretchen and Treeman. As badna0 said, the aim is too gain some advantages regardless you play first or not. Advantages can be pills, heal or strategy (like when you have Zhu Tang in your hand but you force your opponent to play his only DR to block Futoshi).

I recognise the weakness. The entire point is a deck like this is weak versus sob, but due to the power and abilities it still has a strong shot.

And there's never anything obvious, you never know how your opp is going to pill, and you can use "obvious" cards to your advantage.

I'm not saying the deck is perfect, but I feel the critiques are concentrating too much on the deck's obvious counter and not on it's general potential.

tuesday 11/06/2013

Nice deck. Olga can be changed to Akendram if you want to make it a budget budget deck.

Nice deck. I would personally change Hula to Esmeralda.

Nice deck. I would personally change Eadh to Phyllis.

Still a good deck though lol.

Nice decks. smiley

sunday 09/06/2013

*opponent pulls deck*

Marina, Saki, Mokra, Uranus

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Nice deck. smiley

logo UR 4 messages

Nice deck. I would personally change Krash to Steve.

I don't think Edwin is good here. You already have Oshitsune, whom will suck against 3/1 draws without his SOB bonus.

I like Cutey over Kenny, 12 life for a 3* is good. If you're afraid of power you can try Azgroth.

I think you should also get some DR. Artus and Quasichoco are some good cards to consider.

friday 07/06/2013

Lol, thanks!

Good deck. I would personally change Magenta to Pan and Crunchy to Sargh.

Next week Karrion is getting staff banned and Oshitsune is returning so I would change Karrion to Oshitsune and If you take my first suggestion above Sargh to Azgroth.

Still nothing to change smiley

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