monday 20/05/2013

Please post in the recruitment forum

Its kinda funny also to write this topic in the english fourms, one would assume this is the problem of the english community lol

sunday 19/05/2013

These players use the excuse elo is fine because these cards are really the only reason theyre not below 800 elo every week, yet they also fail to understand that elo is popular in events with event creators switching the rules of it by a bit, nobody cares about elo anymore, and nobody will spark a sudden interest in it again the way these cards cause 50/50s and -22's and what not. the problem is in events, where you could easily luck out on a dj korr or be a noobed out of a kiki due to abuse of op braindead no skill cards.

Nice deck. smiley

With this clan out, I'd personally like to see a copy opponent's bonus for either rescue or uppers (nothing too big, a 3/3 or 4/4 2-star).

saturday 18/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

friday 17/05/2013

Why need random in ELO?

Ok, will give it a go. Thanks for the advice smiley

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Pretty stupid Kerozinn player if he pilled 2, it's going to lose to virtually any rescue old. You also played bad by olding against a kero, or olding lothar with a kero on the other side, it just so happened that you got lucky your opponent was brain-dead.

thursday 16/05/2013

He's only 32K. 40 > 32, imk.

Nice deck smiley

Good deck. i would personally change Slopsh to Petra.

tuesday 14/05/2013

That does by no means make Zhu Tang a bad card. He's awesome. People hate on him because as much good as he looks on paper, he can also look extremely bad on paper, as the author of that story shows. Tunnel-vision.

Sure you're not going to get the full 8-12 gap ALL the time, but there will be many instances where you will, and that kind of gap keeps your opponent in check and lets you play in control. He's almost as good as Shifou, which is saying a lot.

Thats ok smiley

monday 13/05/2013

Nice deck, smiley

I don't really like courge ether but 7/7 base stats are enuth to make him a good card without courage.

sunday 12/05/2013

Nice deck. smiley

I wouldn't call it a nobb deck.

I would personally change Wurmhol to Mok and XU52 to Ksendra.

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